Successful trial production of 5000-ton high-performance multi-specification titanium welded pipe project in Haining, Zh

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Original title: Successful trial production of 5,000-ton high-performance multi-specification titanium welded pipe project in Haining, Zhejiang Titanium is widely used in various industries because of its excellent corrosion resistance and high specific strength. Titanium tube is an important member of the titanium family and has a wide range of applications. As a unique form of pipe products, titanium welded pipe is made of cold-rolled titanium strip and coil, and then welded with argon tungsten protection. Titanium welded pipe is widely used, but its processing and manufacturing are different from steel pipe, especially its forming is not easy, welding and manufacturing are difficult,titanium round bar, which also hinders enterprises from entering this field. Zhejiang is a coastal area of China with developed industry. Both chemical industry and people's livelihood products have a great demand for high-performance titanium welded pipes. Zhejiang Shengjie Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. came into being under this background. Shengjie Titanium Industry is located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, the leather capital of China,titanium bar grade 5, beside Hangzhou Bay Avenue and adjacent to Qiantang River. The company is a new enterprise registered and established in 2019. At the beginning of its establishment, the company aimed at the vast market of titanium welded pipes. The company gathered a large number of domestic aspiring high-tech talents and devoted itself to the arduous process of entrepreneurship. After more than a year of scientific demonstration and preparation, the new material industry has been strongly supported by the Haining Municipal Government. The company acquired 60 mu of land in the industrial park of Jianshan New District, Haining City, and started construction in the same year. In order to achieve rapid production, the company leased nearly 4000 square meters of factory buildings in the park at the same time of project construction and purchased seven welded pipelines to start the production of welded pipes. Among them, Titanium welding pipe ,ti6al4v eli, three new high-end production lines can be used for the production of titanium welded pipes, four lines are used for the production of stainless steel welded pipes, and each production line is equipped with supporting facilities such as pure bright solid solution, eddy current flaw detection and weld leveling to meet the production of high-end products. At present, it has a monthly production capacity of 50 tons of titanium welded pipes and 500 tons of stainless steel welded pipes. As a private enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and on-site service of non-ferrous metal special materials such as pipelines, pipeline prefabrication, chemical equipment and non-standard pressure vessels. Shengjie Titanium puts quality in the first place. In the past year, the company has obtained the manufacturing license of pressure pipeline components, the installation license of pressure pipeline, the certificate of safety production standardization and the certificate of ISO9001 certification, which lays a firm foundation for opening up a broader new material market in the next step. In the future construction, Shengjie Titanium Industry plans to build 12000 square meters of welded pipe production workshop, 5000 square meters of provincial enterprise R D exhibition center and 6000 square meters of storage. The project has been fully constructed. After the completion of the new plant, the company also plans to purchase a JCO forming big bore welded pipe production line (which can produce welded pipes with the big bore of 2120mm and the length of 12m) and 10 domestic advanced online pipe-making units, all of which will be produced by titanium welded pipes. The on-line pipe manufacturing and JCO forming and welding workshop will be designed as a dust-free workshop, equipped with auxiliary equipment such as pickling, sandblasting, polishing, industrial real-time imaging, off-line eddy current,Titanium 6Al4V wire, ultrasonic flaw detection and so on to meet the production requirements of high-end products. At that time, the first-class dazzling new star in the field of domestic welded pipe will rise in Zhejiang. Baoji Titanium Industry Research Institute actively participated in the construction of Shengjie Titanium Industry and provided technical and market support for the project. The two sides have signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement to organically integrate Baoji's technology with the equipment and market in the south, and make positive efforts for the promotion and application of titanium welded pipes in a wider field. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.