A collection of Yan leisheng's short stories

Original Title: Devouring Countless Children Every Year, don't Parents Pay Attention to These Fatal Hidden Dangers?

He took out a rubber tube from his pocket, the kind used to tie his arm when taking blood pressure, and tied it to my wrist. Because the artery was tied, the blood could not flow under the wrist, my hand was numb immediately, and the pain was less. Then he bent down and went down to the wooden shelf to find something, perhaps to untie the rope on my body. I didn't say much. I closed my eyes and rested. I've always been a happy-go-lucky person. Even if he tied it for too long and made my hand necrotic and disabled, I would sue him, but I don't think he would dare. When "one", what is the sound of metal impact. When I opened my eyes, what he took out from under the wooden shelf was a knife for cutting medicinal herbs. That kind of knife looks like an axe, and is mostly used to cut antelope horns and ginseng. He scratched my wrist with a knife. My hair stood on end and I said, "Hey, you.." What exactly are you going to do? He did not answer me, and I felt a flash of cold light in my eyes and a light right hand. When I turned around, my right hand was gone. Because he had already tied my wrist with a rubber tube, there was not much blood. If the carpal artery was cut, it would cause massive bleeding and death. Though it was so tight that I did not feel undue pain, I could not help groaning. An army barber and surgeon in medieval Europe. At that time, the routine amputation operation on the battlefield was to burn the wound with a soldering iron or pour hot oil on it, but the hot oil was not available at this time, sorry. He said coldly, taking out a red-hot iron from the brazier. This iron is not big. It was originally black. I didn't notice it all the time. I thought it was also a piece of charcoal. By this time,Narrow aisle rack, I was no longer able to scream, but when the iron burned the cross section of my newly broken arm, the smell of burning and the fear in my heart still made me tremble. He pressed the iron up fiercely, and my bones grinded on the surface of the iron, making a "squeaking" sound that made my teeth sour. White smoke rose, and my nose was filled with the burning smell of flesh, which was like a pile of fine dust, full of it. I didn't scream,radio shuttle racking, because I couldn't scream, and my body just trembled instinctively. Very strange, "he laughed," this is a kind of criminal law in ancient China, called firecrackers, is said to have been invented by Xia Jie, also said to have been invented by Shang Zhou, but I prefer to be invented by Shang Dynasty people, because the barbecue of Korean people still has the legacy of firecrackers, and Korea is called Jizi Korea, which was established by Prince Jizi of Shang Dynasty after the collapse of Shang Dynasty. Jizi, known as a sage, was sealed in Korea. I just feel a little salty in my mouth. Only then did I realize that in order to endure the pain, and more importantly, in order to endure the sudden fear, I had bitten my teeth into my lips, Steel racking system ,Pallet rack beams, blood had flowed out of the corners of my mouth, and some beads of blood had hung on my earlobes, itching. He bent down, picked up my hand and said, "People's hands are actually very beautiful, including your dirty hand, which is much more beautiful when it's not on you." I watched him play with my hands over and over like a beautiful toy. I saw that the fingers of my hand were still twitching. Perhaps the nerves on the fingers were still waiting for the command of the brain, but they did not respond when they were transmitted to the wrist. If the hand was also conscious, it was feeling confused. Smiling, he put the hand to my lips, and let me kiss the dying hand as I had kissed hers, and said, "How does it feel to say goodbye to a part of yourself?"? In ancient China, there was a kind of punishment, that is, to cut off a person's limbs. In the ancient Book of History, it is said that the five punishments of Mo,, Gong and Da Bi are to cut off a person's feet. It was found that Bian He of Heshi Wall had his feet cut off, but not necessarily. Chuang Tzu said that Zhongshan had no toes and that ten toes had been cut off. It's a weird feeling to lose a hand. But what's even weirder is that I heard him quoting the classics at this time. I never knew that he had read so many books in such a battlefield. I didn't say much, and he probably enjoyed himself and said with a smile, "Well, that's all for today.". If people can't have a good rest, they can't work well. Go to bed early, too. "He put a small dish on a stool near my head with a few cakes in it." If you're hungry, eat it, "he said in a concerned voice. He took my hand and walked out of the cellar. When closing the door, he suddenly said: "Right, science has proved that too bright light will produce light pressure, which is not good for people's sleep. I will only leave you a small light." He turned off the headlight, leaving only a small lamp on the edge of the wooden shelf, about less than ten watts. With the bang of the door, I was the only one left in the cellar. I opened my mouth and took a piece of cake. He told me to eat, after all, he wouldn't dare to kill me. But he cut off one of my hands, and I swore to myself that I would sue him, even though he was a man with eyes and hands. After eating two cakes, I licked the crumbs on the corners of my mouth and was about to eat another one. Suddenly, he opened the door and said, "Yes, you're not used to sleeping alone. I'll bring you some children." The door, still dark, he put something in the doorway and closed it again. I tried to open my eyes to see what it was, but I couldn't see it, only to hear the sound of "Sisisisi". The small lamp could only illuminate a small piece near my head, and the remaining cakes were emitting a faint fragrance in the small dish, a good smell of food. Then I heard a few squeaks in the dark. I'm a little funny. It's a mouse. He doesn't know. I'm afraid of snakes and rats. I've caught them and drowned them since I was a child. The mice began to poke their heads around the wooden frame. It's not bad to have a little movement in the dead silence around me. I close my eyes and ignore them. I do not know how long, but not too long, I suddenly felt a little thin tingling on my legs, the mice have probably climbed up my legs,Drive in racking system, that is the mouse's small claws to grasp my skin in the crawl, right? I tried to kick, but my whole body was weak and my feet only trembled a little. It also scared a few mice out of their wits and ran away from me. omracking.com