The years I was Mr. Yin and Yang.

In this moment, Li Qiye's eyebrows flashing light, Shenhua flow, into a whirlpool, heard a "hum" sound

In fact, this morning is also very dangerous. Old Yi is not born to lie. Let him pretend to be angry. He can't pretend to be helpless. He almost laughed. Fortunately, he turned around and ran away. Otherwise, he would have been exposed. Lao Yi and I were drinking on the train. Lao Yi pulled off the duck's buttocks and took a bite. Then he said to me that there was really a stone. Otherwise, I would really be cheated. When the time came, yuan Mei's grandson would be cheap. Hey, Lao Cui, you said that yuan Mei was really enough for his grandson to play dirty. Otherwise, let's go back to Harbin and spend it with two migrant workers. After I finished eating the duck's thigh, I took a piece of tissue paper and wiped my mouth. After the collection, he said, "Stop and spend him. If he doesn't spend it, we'll be fine. It's good that you can have his flower intestines." As soon as Lao Yi thought about it, it was the same reason to play tricks and tricks. We couldn't compare with him. We just hoped that God would open his eyes and let us find Huang Chao Jian first, and then let yuan Mei's grandson's plot fail. After a while, Lao Yi suddenly asked me if Zhang Yaxin really liked you. "Yes, Lao Cui." I didn't know how to tell him this question, so I said to him that it was not important whether she liked me or not, but Lao Yi, you should know that I already had someone in my heart and that person was not her. Old Yi nodded and swallowed the duck's buttocks into his stomach. I smiled and said, "It doesn't matter if she likes you,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, because it's over. I really like her. I'll catch him." Our eyes looked at each other, and everything was in silence. What is a good brother. That is, we don't suspect each other. Of course, we trust each other unreservedly. So yuan Mei's little trick for us is naturally self-defeating. The main reason is that he looks down on our friendship too much. The friendship of life is full of evil thoughts. He can't understand it. As the saying goes, two brothers in a lifetime, I'm like Sun Monkey. Old Yi is the second brother, although they quarrel at ordinary times. Nao Nao,Glass Cosmestic Containers, but he never fell out. This is precisely the reason for yuan Mei's miscalculation. As the saying goes, looking at people with the eyes of ghosts is full of ghosts. Looking at people with the eyes of Buddhas, all living beings are Buddhas. He thinks that this society is full of mutual suspicion, so he is wrong. This is the consequence of looking down on us. The more I think about it, the more I enjoy it. Now I just need to get back to Harbin and make peace with Uncle Wen. I don't know what kind of reply Uncle Jiu will give. If Uncle Jiu gets angry, then the two old guys will join us in the search for the Seven Treasures. At that time, I will be outnumbered by five to one. Even if I fight with him openly, I don't have to be afraid of him. Old Yi and I seem to have seen the dawn. yuan Mei, the old guy, will certainly take it lightly when he sees that we seem to be fighting among ourselves. This is our great opportunity. It's really a lot. Stone remembers that Stone has really helped us too much. If it weren't for his strategy every time, Old Yi and I would really be able to get to this day. So I picked up the phone and prepared to call Stone. When Lao Yi saw me holding the phone, he asked me strangely why I could still make a phone call on the train. I dialed and said to him strangely, "Yes, you haven't taken a train before." Old Yi patted his thigh and then I said, "Oh, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Glass Cream Jars, look at my brain. I always thought that the train was the same as the plane. I couldn't make a phone call. I kept turning off my phone just now." Dizzy I am looking at this today, can he not be so natural. But maybe this is the loveliness of Lao Yi, that is, no woman likes it. I dialed Stone's cell phone while thinking about it, but to my surprise, it was turned off. You know, it's a bit impossible. Stone's natural efficiency is that his cell phone is always turned off 24 hours a day. I was a little puzzled. Fortunately, I dialed the phone of his office again, and it was a woman who answered it, which surprised me. So I said to the phone, "Hello, please find teacher Shi Concha." The woman on the other side of the phone was very anxious and said to me that you were looking for teacher Shi. Oh, you must be his friend. Teacher Shi did not know why he suddenly vomited blood and was sent to the hospital at noon. After I heard this sentence, my head suddenly buzzed, and then I told the phone what was going on when I was busy. Can you make it clear. ” At the end of the second watch, please ask for tickets. Please click on the number when you click on it. Otherwise, it doesn't count. I'm here. Thank you. Volume 4 Chapter 240 Three Only Straight Break 16K Fiction Network Updated: July 28, 2010 22:21:51 Words in this chapter: 5815 Divination is more than ten o'clock. Lao Yi and I finally returned to Harbin. But there was a trace of joy in our climbing, but we felt very angry. Because we knew one on the train just now. A very serious problem, that is, the stone fell ill. Although I don't know why, it seems to be very serious according to his female colleague. After we got out of the car, we took a taxi directly with our luggage on our backs and rushed to the hospital. On the way, Lao Yi Ran said to me, "Lao Cui, this stone should not be serious, right?" I frowned, rubbed my hands and sweated all over my palms. I said to Old Yi, "Isn't it serious to vomit blood?"? Do you think this is a TV play, saying that vomiting blood is easier than spitting? Old Yi heard me say so, also understand the seriousness of this matter, in fact, my heart has been at sixes and sevens, because the life of the stone is missing. I know this is an absolute thing, even Liu Shuqing had no way to escape, and it is also a coincidence that people always reveal the secret of heaven, even if they do not lack life, they will damage Yin De more than ordinary people, I am afraid that the abalone will overcalculate, and they will be poisoned before they are forty years old. In that case, it is really too tragic. Not long after, we arrived at the hospital. After finding out about the stone's ward, we were very anxious to go there. Pushing open the door, it was a single ward. The layout was quite good, but the stone wearing a hospital gown on the bed was pale, just like his favorite eyes. He had not slept yet,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, but was still pressing his calculator. He wasn't too surprised to see us. With his trademark smile on his haggard face, he put down his calculator and said to us, "Come back and sit down." 。