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In this moment, Li Qiye's eyebrows flashing light, Shenhua flow, into a whirlpool, heard a "hum" sound

He has been in the market for so many years, facing those old foxes, he has no such feeling. Gu Xi found Mingshu's line of sight, Liu Mei frowned lightly, but recovered very quickly. Elder sister Gu Xi looked sad: "I know..." "Stop!" Mingshu raised his hand and shouted to stop: "You unite with Cui Jingyang to ban me. What are you pretending to be in front of me now?"? Are you tired? Can't we be bright? Gu Xi's heart missed a beat. She did not unite Cui Jingyang, she just intentionally or unintentionally hinted that her existence would block her way. But how would she know? "Sister, what are you talking about." Take care of the weak defense. I said that if you don't have a B number in your heart, you also have a G number. If you are a person, don't say you don't understand. Gu Xi: "… …" If she says she doesn't understand, she's not human. But she said she understood, that's not to admit. The people around her should have looked over when she called her sister. Curious and inquisitive eyes kept sweeping over them. Is it the president of Hengfeng Group who banned Wen Di? Isn't Wen Di an artist under Hengfeng Group? Why does Gu Xi call her sister? Is it a rich and powerful family feud? Gu Xi wanted to reveal her identity as Gu's stepdaughter. This identity will not bring her any benefits, but will only add another black spot to her. Gu Xi clenched his fingers slightly. Smell the flute, don't go too far. Cui Jingyang spoke out to support Gu Xi. It's nothing compared to you banning me. Cui Jingyang sneers: "Since you know, still dare to oppose me?"? Miss Wen has good guts! Mingshu answered without the slightest obstacle: "Thank you for your praise. I also think I have good courage. General Manager X knows the goods very well." Cui Jingyang: ".." What is X always?! Aah! Aah! He's going to kill this horrible woman! "Number 26." The staff shouted to break the eerie atmosphere here. Mingshu stood up and said, "General Manager X is welcome to continue to ban me. Let me see your ability to cover up the sky." Total X.. Cui Jingyang was livid and watched Mingshu leave with the staff. Cui Jingyang took out his cell phone and made a phone call. Why is Wen Di on the set? "General Manager Cui." Director He said hello to us about this, and we had no way. So, after the audition,30ml Dropper Bottle, we'll brush her down and make sure she doesn't show up on the set. Cui Jingyang was satisfied. Gu Xi was so close that when he heard their conversation, his lips could not help bending down. Mingshu came out after the audition, and Mumu was still waiting. How's it going "Not so good." Mingshu pulled down his bangs. "Why haven't you left yet?" I.. I'll wait for you. "I have to give you back your clothes," Mumu whispered. "It's for you, and it matches you very well." "Well.." The people in the movie are good. —— Mingshu left from the other direction without bumping into Gu Xi and X Zong again. Three days later, the crew informed her of the time to join the group. Before leaving, Mumu exchanged WeChat with her, and a few minutes later, she received a message from Mumu. She was chosen, oil dropper bottle ,glass cream jars, too. Although it is only an unimportant role. But she was very happy to be able to perform in such a play. [Mumu: Sister Wen Di, what are you playing?] Wen Di: Why don't you think I will lose the election? [Mumu: How! Your acting skills are obvious to all. I believe that no matter what the play is, as long as you are willing to act, there is no one who can't be chosen. Smell the flute to look at that sentence, tut, slowly typing reply. [Wen Di: I play the national teacher.] [Mumu:.. National teacher? That That's not.. The second man?] [Wen Di: Hmm.] [Mumu: You play the second man?] [Wen Di: I didn't say I couldn't let girls play.] [Mumu: Eh.] It seems to make sense. [Wen Di: People just want to challenge themselves, otherwise they don't know how awesome they are!] [Mumu: amount..] Mumu's fantasy is not good, although there are many plays in which women feel that they play male roles. But That's a minority after all! But she's still looking forward to it. I believe that with her acting skills, she will be competent! She believes her! All the candidates were informed that Zhou Feifei was waiting left and right, but there was no news. Only after inquiring did I know that the heroine had given a new person named Gu Xi. Zhou Feifei was so angry that she almost fainted. She was on guard against hearing the flute. Who would have thought that she would be cut off by an inexplicable newcomer on the way. Mumu: There seems to be something wrong with my idol … Beep! Beep! Fairy: No problem! This is your idol! Mumu:.. 。. Chapter 1342 against the light (18). "Who do you think is the second man?" "I don't know." National teacher, I like him very much, although he is the last villain, but he is really handsome! Any one person can never play the temperament of a teacher in our country! Tianxia is also an adaptation of a novel, and obviously these people have read the original. Miss Gu Xi, do you know? Someone asked Gu Xi next to him. Gu Xi looked confused: "What?" "Who is the actor of the national teacher, the second man?" The man asked expectantly. They don't know, but like caring for them, they must know. Gu Xi shook his head: "I'm sorry, I don't know." Gu Xi really doesn't know who this national teacher is. This role is more mysterious, so it is normal for the crew to conceal it. That staff member is a little disappointed: "So, still think Gu Xi young lady knows, do not know even you, I am more curious." Gu Xi smiled and went to the other side. Gu Xi is still the heroine. As soon as she entered the group, she was greeted by many people. People have Cui Jingyang support, or Gu's daughter, fawning on her is normal. Gu Xi has always been a person who is easy to get along with, so when these people come forward, she has to deal with them. Sister Xi, you don't have to be so good-tempered to deal with them. The assistant muttered. Sure enough, Gu Xi said softly,30ml dropper bottle, "It's all right." The assistant seems a little helpless. And Gu Xi talked about the itinerary, some of the arrangements for the crew. Ah "I'll go, there's a handsome guy!" "Where?" 。 penghuangbottle.com