The struggle of ordinary citizens

In this moment, Li Qiye's eyebrows flashing light, Shenhua flow, into a whirlpool, heard a "hum" sound

Located in the southeast of Xibei City, the chemical industrial zone is a heavily polluted industrial zone in the northwest. Although there are several chemical fertilizer plants and a large number of coal and petrochemical enterprises, there is no scene of sewage crossflow and stench in the chemical industrial zone of this era. The industrial area, like every industrial area in the northwest, is green, and the lush woods and grasslands make it more like a park. Several wetlands around the industrial zone are covered with reeds and Arundo donax, and water birds such as egrets and wild ducks can be seen everywhere on the wetlands. These constructed wetlands were built at the same time as the chemical industry park. At first, only one constructed wetland consisting of 2400 mu of artificial reed and Arundo donax wetland, 50 mu of sedimentation tank and supporting facilities was built, using the decontamination and purification capacity of natural reed and Arundo donax. The daily discharge of 92000 tons of domestic and industrial sewage from the chemical industrial zone was prevented from flowing directly into the Yanghe River. 2400 mu of natural reed wetland has become the best sewage "purifier". When running water enters the wetland, all kinds of substances are deposited slowly with the water flow and become the nutrients of wetland plants, in which toxic substances are rapidly decomposed. Finally, it fully meets the water quality standard of farmland irrigation, and the monthly treated sewage contains 472 tons of urea fertilizer, which is used to irrigate farmland and green space, so that the fertilizer content can be rationally utilized. The up-to-standard wastewater is not only used to irrigate industrial green belts and parks, but also to turn the former barren land where the industrial zone is located into an "oasis" with rich animal and plant resources such as reed wetlands, windbreaks, economic forests, fish and lotus ponds. These wetlands are the green lungs of the northwest! Sitting on the slope of the wetland, fishing, Liu Jiyuan looked at the 3000 mu wetland in front of him and said to himself. This wetland is different from other wetlands in the chemical industry zone. He only treats more than 100,Nonoxynol 9 Factory,000 tons of domestic sewage discharged from several living areas of the chemical industry every day, and the fish growing in the wetland are completely edible, which is one of the reasons why Liu Jiyuan chose to fish here. Liu Jiyuan is now the director of Northwest Planning. As the first architect to come to the northwest, Liu Jiyuan left too many shadows on the architecture of the northwest. Now Liu Jiyuan's energy is not used in the design of buildings, but in the design and planning of artificial wetlands. Since the first artificial wetland for sewage treatment was built according to the design drawings provided by Sima two and a half years ago, Liu Jiyuan has been fascinated by this wonderful design of artificial wetlands. Since then, Liu Jiyuan has begun to study artificial wetlands. You are at home here! Just now Ming Chang came to my place because of the brick factory, which just blocked me. Sima, carrying fishing gear, went to Liu Jiyuan, who was fishing, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, and said with a smile. Then he began to put a horse and sat there fishing. People in the northwest know it. According to the past practice, the director will not work on weekends unless it is necessary. In the eyes of some outsiders, this may represent a clear proof of Sima's laziness. But in Sima's view, only a good rest can work well, as a leader busy is not necessarily a good thing, if everyone performs their duties, in fact, as a leader is very leisurely. This is especially true for Sima, who has always believed that "professional things should be done by professional people". After the development of Northwest China was on the right track, Sima had more free time for his vacation. How interesting! I guess you got rid of it in a few words! Ming Chang that boy is so shrewd, think of your identity or some guilty ah! No matter how the identity of Sima changes, in Liu Xiuyuan's heart or that Sima young master. And he hasn't changed much over the years. But this is only limited to a few people, most people with the change of Sima, see the identity of Sima. Ming Chang, like the old man in his family, is too conservative. Everyone knows how much money his brick factories have earned for their Kong family in the past few years, but for almost three years, their Kong family has earned so much money that they have not made any other investment except the brick factory or the brick factory. I called Xiang when I came here just now. This month, the company will release several new factories for auction, and the rest will be up to him. The Kong family has enough money to buy a new factory. ” After putting the fishing rod on the rod rack, Sima said as he threw bait into the wetland pond. Fishing, like hunting, is a hobby of Sima. These hobbies are mostly left behind by reality in later generations, and are picked up by Sima here. People always need hobbies to adjust their lives. The 136 brick factories recovered cover an area of more than 3000 mu, and more than 100 small coastal constructed wetlands can be built. In addition to serving as a reserve of sewage treatment capacity. It can also improve the environment on both sides of the Yanghe River. Sima, sometimes I really doubt where your fantastic ideas come from, just like the information about artificial wetlands. I have asked people to ask that Europe and America are blank in this respect. Just like this lighter! As he spoke, Liu Jiyuan handed Sima a cigarette and lit it with a "ZIPPO" lighter. When I put the lighter on the box, the lighter made a "ding" sound. This lighter made of metal was invented by Sima. The lighter cover is connected with the machine body by a hinge, and a wind net is arranged around the cotton core. His name was inspired by another great invention, the ZIPPER, which was invented by Sima in the fourth year of the Republic, and his initial users were British and French soldiers in the trenches of Europe. Then this beautiful and useful lighter made of cupronickel or stainless steel became popular all over the world. Even in British war posters, a soldier can be seen with a cigarette in his mouth, a rifle in one hand and a burning gadget in the other. The "ZIPPO" lighter has even become a symbol of Allied soldiers. And when this kind of machine cover is lifted, the lighter will make a "ding" sound. Crisp and melodious,Heme Iron Polypeptide, it has become the symbolic sound of the aristocratic "ZIPPO" lighter. The sound was made by a metal block installed in the cover, and what was even more amazing was that. One can tune the frequency of the sound like a piano. As soon as it was launched, it was recognized as the embodiment of dignity by the upper class all over the world.