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The iron beggar hesitated for a moment and said, "Well, just try. Fortunately, the three of us are together,

The iron beggar hesitated for a moment and said, "Well, just try. Fortunately, the three of us are together, and we can take care of each other." "No, Mr. Two, not three, but one." "What do you mean, you want us to come again." "It's not always easy to do things when there are too many people. As a last resort, you have to forgive Mr. Qing and Mr. Si." The iron beggar shook his head and said, "Anyway, you're just going to leave us two brothers outside." "Second Gentleman, I have to-" "Shaoxia," said the fortune-teller, "to tell you the truth, we two brothers can't trust that girl of the Luo family. How can we trust you to enter the Qin House alone?" "Mr. Four, if this is a trap set by Miss Luo, even if all three of us go in, how can we make up for it? Is it easier for me to get away alone?" "That's true," said the iron beggar. "If this is a trap set by that girl and the young man goes in alone, once he finds out that the situation is not right, it's easier for one person to get away than three." "That's true," said the fortune-teller,gold cil machine, "but.." Li Yanhao said, "Mr. Two, Mr. Four, saving people is like putting out a fire. Miss Luo is still waiting for me. I can't delay any longer. I'm saving three people. Please stay outside and be ready to meet them at any time." The iron beggar hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, "I'm afraid that's all I have to do. Well, young man, you go. The matter of saving people belongs to you,Carbon in Pulp, and the matter of meeting them belongs to our brothers." "Thank you very much," said Li Yanhao. As soon as he folded his fists, he rushed to Luo Tianjiao's waiting place. Luo Tianjiao was also in a hurry. As soon as he saw Li Yanhao, he said, "Why did it take so long to say hello?" Li Yanhao said, "The two of them are not at ease. They want to go in with me. It took me a lot of time to persuade them." "I'm afraid you don't trust me," said Luo Tianjiao. Li Yanhao was silent for a moment and said, "Well, they don't know the girl, and they don't understand the girl." Luo Tianjiao smiled indifferently: "I was originally such a woman, but also care about who is not at ease, do not delay, go." She flew in the direction of Qin Zhai, and Li Yanhao took a breath and followed her. Turning a street, Luo Tianjiao stopped at the entrance of a black alley, which was only a few feet away from the east wall of Qin's house. I'll go in first. Luo Tianjiao said in a low voice, Portable gold trommel ,gold heap leaching, "When I find out the way for you and greet you, you can go in again. If I don't greet you, don't act rashly." After saying this, Luo Tianjiao jumped out of the black alley and rushed toward the Qin House. With only one rise and fall, she swept up the wall of the Qin House and fell in. Li Yanhao clearly heard that in the high courtyard wall of Qin's house, there were several barks of dogs, and then there was silence. It was obvious that the mastiffs found someone in the yard, rushed to them one after another, and when they found out that they were acquaintances, they stopped attacking and bowed their heads to their ears. There was silence in the courtyard wall, and then there was no movement. After a moment, a small stone flew over. "Bah!" It landed at the entrance of the alley. Li Yanhao knew that it was Luo Tianjiao who informed him to go in. He gritted his teeth and flew to the east wall of Qin's house. Luo Tianjiao just entered the place and rushed over. A rise and fall on the top of the wall. At a glance, he saw Luo Tianjiao standing alone in a dark corner and greeting him anxiously. He hurriedly swept over. As soon as he reached the front, Luo Tianjiao was anxious to wait for the tunnel: "I sent them away, but they will turn back in a moment. We can't stay here. Go quickly." She turned to go. Li Yanhao stretched out his hand to hold her and said, "Uncle Ma and the others." "Don't say anything, come with me." She broke away from Li Yanhao's hand and turned to walk. Li Yanhao hurried up. Following Luo Tianjiao all the way, Li Yanhao looked around quickly and saw that he was in a big yard, with bungalows, pavilions, and flower beds. Rows of pine trees were beautiful and quiet at night. In the surrounding houses, some were not lit, and some were lit. The road Luo Tianjiao took was a small flagstone road next to a high wall. A row of pine trees beside the road formed a shadow, wide and long enough to hide the figure. This road does not know where to go, Li Yanhao followed closely behind Luo Tianjiao, holding his breath, at any time to search the body within ten Zhangs, at any time to search the wall of Qin Fu, ready to guard against sudden changes. In front of a moon-shaped door, Luo Tianjiao went in, Li Yanhao naturally followed in. As soon as he entered the moon-shaped gate, Li Yanhao heard the sound of brisk footsteps coming from the left front. He quickly pulled Luo Tianjiao and said, "Someone is coming." Luo Tianjiao also seemed to hear, she hurriedly said: "You hide, I go to the open place to deal with." Li Yanhao understood Luo Tianjiao's intention, dodged into a nearby dark gap, Luo Tianjiao stood in the original place did not move. As soon as Li Yanhao hid, he saw two figures coming quickly ten feet away from the left front. Luo Tianjiao was in the open, and it was easy to be seen. He heard a light drink coming over: "Who is it?" Luo Tianjiao answered, "Won't you come and have a look?" "So it's Miss Luo," said the other. The man's feet were quite fast, and two sentences had come to the front. Both of them were middle-aged men in black with long swords in their hands. Looking at the steps of the two men just now, and now looking at their eyes again, they knew that they were good players. The two men in black bowed to Luo Tianjiao, and the one on the left said, "It's so late. Haven't you had a rest yet, girl?" "Not yet. I just came back from the outside. What are you two doing?" The man in black on the left said, "Let's get off work." "Uh, over there in the dungeon?" "Yes!" "What's the situation over there?" "Very calm!" "It's time to be calm. No one outside knows where your young master lives. No one can find him here. How can you not be calm?" "You are right, you are right." "Who is on duty in the dungeon?" "Lei Qingtian and Ba Meisheng." "You two have worked hard. Take a rest." "Yes,sodium cyanide price, thank you, girl." Two middle-aged men in black are gone. Li Yanhao flashed out of the shadows. "Is that the dungeon over there?" "Mmm." "The three of the Ma family are in the dungeon?" "Mmm." "There are only two men on guard." "There are only two people, and I'm afraid there are four or five mastiffs." Li Yanhao frowned. ore-magnetic-mining.com