The system forced me to take the imperial examination.

She put his immobile right foot on his left foot. "First of all, I can only jump the male step. Don't step on me!

Little Ping'an has been liked since childhood, and I don't know how many girls want to make friends with her. However, compared with her little sisters, Ping An felt that there were indeed a few people at home, but only grandparents, uncles and aunts, and their family. As the youngest one in the family, Ping An has been in the honey pot since childhood. There are fewer people in the family, so there are fewer things to worry about. There is no so-called aunt, and there is no concubine sister who wants to compete with her for favor. However, she did find that many people wanted to come to their house. Gu Shao and Xiu Niang would never tell her these things, but Ping An has eyes, and the small eyes are very sharp. When Ping An was three years old, he discovered that there was a person who was said to be a princess, who always wanted to get close to her father, like a dogskin plaster, and could not be driven away. She told her mother about it in private, and her mother just smiled at her father in a teasing way and did not speak. Ping An scratched his head and couldn't figure it out. She didn't have a clue, so she told her little sisters about it. As a result, her little sisters all said that the princess wanted to come and compete with her for favor. She wanted to be her aunt, or she wanted to be her mother! After hearing this, Ping An lost his temper and was so angry that he threw the milk basin in his hand. Although she did not know what aunt in the end, but from the mouth of others, peace found that all called aunt, are not good things,Blue Bottle Serum, not to mention people not only want to do aunt, but also want to squeeze out her own mother! She will never allow this to happen. Ping An secretly reminded himself that when he saw the princess again next time, Ping An was in high spirits in an instant, and his eyes were staring at others for a moment. When she saw that she was still deliberately going to her father's side like last time, Ping An rolled his eyes and suddenly had an idea. The princess, who had smiled charmingly at Gu Shao, suddenly found something more on her leg. She looked down, but it was a little girl from a big family. Little girl some chubby, born Yuxue lovely,Serum Bottle With Dropper, charming face, a look is spoiled from childhood to adulthood, people look like. However, like that is for others, for the princess empress, this is somewhat similar to Chen Xiuniang's face, it seems to hate up. Gu Shao looked at his daughter in his spare time. All the people watching the scene of bustle were also looking at this side with a smile. Ping An looked up at her, showing a few small teeth like a grain of rice: "Princess, you are really beautiful!" The princess's mouth rose uncontrollably: "You are also very good-looking." "I still think you're a little better looking," they said. "People who are aunts are all good-looking people. You are so good-looking and like to lean on my father's arms. Do you want to be my aunt? All the people watching the scene of bustle can't laugh now. I have a mother, and I don't want another aunt. Everyone was surprised, and those who were happy to see the success of the matter blushed with shame because of the words of peace. As for the princess, she was trembling with anger. Before she had an attack, Gu Shao hurriedly held his daughter away, and he was too lazy to tangle with this nameless princess again: "The child is ignorant, and I hope the princess won't blame her." Before the princess could speak, Ping An pinched her father's nose and pouted, "So, Oil Dropper Bottle ,glass cream jars, Dad, will you marry your aunt?" "My aunt is not married." "What is that?" "Yes.." Not around our home, not before, not in the future, so peace does not need to know. When Ping An heard this, he looked at the princess who had already run away, and proudly shook a few hairs on his forehead. See, just say no one can compete with her! Because there is no one to fight, so the family's life will be a little dull, peace likes to do is to open a pair of big eyes, quietly observe everyone in the family. Her mother is naturally the best and most love peace! In Ping An's opinion, her mother is good-looking, kind-hearted, ingenious and skillful, and she doesn't know how to make candy. But although her mother will ponder this, but peace is not allowed to eat how much, at most one or two a day, no more, no one can ask for it. In this regard, peace is also a little unhappy, but since her mother told her about the story of an adult Lu, peace is not noisy. She absolutely, absolutely does not want to become Lu adult like that, the tooth is bad, not to mention, but also fat into the ball! Although Lu Daren was not bad, he secretly gave her a handful of candy in private, but because he had spoken ill of her father with Ping An, Ping An, who was eager to protect his father, did not want to talk to him now. As for my uncle, he doesn't usually stay at home, but often lives in the Academy. My mother said that my uncle studied very hard, but Ping An always felt that my uncle seemed to be very tired and a little miserable. Oh, I heard that he has a great ambition. He wants to pass the exam at the age of 18, but I don't know whether he will pass the exam or not. Anyway, her father has concluded that his uncle failed the exam, when the time comes, their family can see his uncle's jokes. As for the sister-in-law, if she has something to do, she will come to her side. The only person in the family who likes to take her to play is the sister-in-law. My sister-in-law likes to write poems very much, and she especially likes to write poems for her appreciation. Every time little Ping An encounters this thing, she will be particularly distressed, because she always has to think for a long time before she can come up with a good excuse not to hurt her sister-in-law. Grandpa and grandma are both good-natured people, but grandma is sometimes a little strange, especially when she is facing her. When she was happy, Grandma would be happy, and when she hung her face, Grandma would often try her best to make her happy. Sometimes she would secretly listen to her grandmother's thoughts, but after listening to them, she either heard about paying off debts or complaining that her father had done something wrong. This peace is not believed, how could her father do something wrong?! In the heart of peace, his father is the most powerful person. Dad said that although their family looked poor, but a lot of things inside are priceless, are imperial gifts,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, other people do not have at all, take out can frighten others to death. Even if you're not scared to death, you can crush people to death.