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She put his immobile right foot on his left foot. "First of all, I can only jump the male step. Don't step on me!

Nian Qing hung up the phone and called Ming Qianxiao, "Qianxiao, tell the truth!"! Where is your brother? ?” Sister Nian Qing, I really don't know. I haven't seen him for days. She didn't sound like she was lying. The third call was not made by Nianqing, but by someone who called in, "Nianqing, is the board meeting at three o'clock in the afternoon?" "Mu Chen?" Nianqing now where there is the mind to open what the board of directors. Yes, it was at three in the afternoon, but I.. "What's the matter?" "Chizo is missing. I'm going to find him." "Do you know where to find him?" Su Muchen's question made her unable to answer. " Since you can't find him for the time being, don't look for him. He is not a child, and he has his own ideas. If he's missing now, it probably means he's I want to calm down and give him some time. Nian Qing still can't calm down. "It's not just that simple. He called me suddenly that day and said he wanted to break off his engagement with me, and then there was no news." "To such a serious point?" Su Muchen also some surprised, muttered, "if only for that magazine, should not let him lose his temper so much?" "What magazine?" She was stunned. Didn't you see this issue of Neon Clothes? It was published in the last fashion presentation. The reporter took a picture of the two of us, but the caption was a little sensational. As soon as he finished, Nian Qing ordered loudly to the secretary outside, "Hurry up and find a copy of the current issue of Neon Clothes!" "Nianqing, don't be too flustered." Su Muchen said comfortingly, "Ming Qianzang is a wise man. A report and a magazine can't shake your feelings. Is there anything else that will be the fuse?" "He called a few days ago and said he had something to see me in the evening, but I had a stomachache that day, and Xiaodong accompanied me to the hospital to see a doctor, so I missed it." "Did you call to explain?" "I was too painful to make a phone call and went to bed when I got home." "Does he know?" "It should be.." Don't you know? Su Muchen hesitated for a moment and then asked, "So he didn't know that Xiaodong accompanied you to the hospital?" Nian Qing thought about it, "I don't know, do I?" He said with a smile: "In fact, this is not a big deal, but I think Chizo has always been very hostile to Xiaodong,cosmetic packaging wholesale, I do not know why, so maybe Chizo will be particularly concerned about things related to him." "Yes, no matter how I explain, Chizo still doesn't like Xiaodong, in fact, we have been friends for a long time." "But Xiaodong likes you is the fact that everyone can see, Chizo is not a fool, which will rest assured that his fiancee has a covetous suitor, but also get along day and night, for me, I will not rest assured." Su Muchen added, "Well, I advise you to go on with the meeting in the afternoon as usual. As for the whereabouts of Chizo, I'll ask someone to check it out. "Please." "Do you still have to be so polite to me?" His tone sank. "But, Nianqing, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, there's something I've always wanted to ask you. Five years ago, you let him go. Why are you so concerned about his disappearance now?" "If I hadn't gone through five long years of suffering and waiting, maybe I wouldn't be in a mess at the moment." She sighed, "In the past five years, I have tried to find him and explain the misunderstanding, but he refused to answer my phone, and I was too busy with my official duties.". Sometimes, I really want to find him and cry in his arms, but. She could only smile bitterly, "but she didn't know where his people were.". When he finally came back this time, I knew I couldn't lose him again. There was a long silence on the other end of the phone, and Su Muchen seemed to be shocked by her words. Only after a while did he change the subject with a smile. "In fact, instead of worrying about Chizo, you should worry about today's board meeting.". I have some reliable information that several senators have decided to launch an attack on you in the near future, and today's meeting may be the beginning. "Really annoying, can't you let me be quiet for a few days?" Nian Qing really wanted to shout, "Mu Chen, I think you should come back and help me. I really don't want to sit in this seat anymore. "I'm sorry, I don't have the ability to do business. If Fang gives it to me, it will collapse in three months." "Why am I not Ming Qianzang?" The conversation goes back to Ming Qianzang. " Because you are Fang Nianqing, the unique Fang Nianqing. Su Muchen is laughing, but Nian Qing really can't laugh. Chizang is missing, the board of directors is in crisis, originally thought that after Fang's financial situation improved, she could relax a little, did not expect to become worse. I don't know how long she can hold on. She is really tired. Zhan Lu, President of Glacier Cool Chapter 10 hanging up the phone gently, Su Muchen looked at the man opposite with a faint smile, "Look, things are not what you think." "You have too many things to do." The opposite person, handsome appearance, cold temperament, in addition to missing for a long time, so that love can not find that Ming Qianzang, who else can it be? If I don't meddle, you may misunderstand each other for a lifetime. Su Muchen laughed and said, "It's a good thing I stopped you. Otherwise, you would probably be sulking alone in your villa in New York." "But after all, she spent the night with a man." Ming Qianzang gritted his teeth and said, "She is an adult. Why did she make such a mistake?!" Maybe she didn't want to. Besides, just because we spent the night together doesn't mean anything happened, or she wouldn't be so anxious about your disappearance now. Su Muchen blinked, "how, are you going to find her, or let her continue to worry?" "I'm not free now." Ming Qianzang answered coldly, "isn't Fang's board of directors about to start?"? Why don't you go there as soon as possible? ?” "Don't worry, there are still two hours to go." He stretched,Glass Cream Jars, "You caught me in the middle of the night last night to look at the documents, and now you don't even give me a little rest time. I think I have to consider changing my employer. It's hard to work for your Ming family." "Remember to keep an eye on that man for me. He may not be able to resist action." Ming Qianzang deliberately changed the topic, "has Fang's stock changed recently?".