Mr. Antique, come to my bowl.

Ami, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You not only saved my life, you also took my heart.

Hong Jian winked at Fang Zhendong, who took out a document from his bag and handed it over. The document is in duplicate, and after both parties sign and stamp, each person keeps one copy. On Mr. Shen's side, after Mrs. Shen read the contents of the document to Mr. Shen word by word, Mr. Shen trembled and picked up his pen and signed his name. When the agreement was reached, Hong Jian immediately made a phone call and asked the company to send a special car to pick up the painting. A group of people sat in the living room for a while, listening to Hong Jian chatting with Mr. and Mrs. Shen about oil painting. Wait for the car to arrive. Hong Jian directed Lu Xiaoqiao and the three of them to move the painting out. Fang Zhendong and Qin Su picked up two Chagall paintings as soon as Hong Jian finished speaking. Hong Jian looked at Lu Xiaoqiao, "Xiaoqiao, you and I move this painting together!" While hearing this sentence, Lu Xiaoqiao hit an exciting spirit. I Lu Xiaoqiao wants to refuse. But before he could say it, he heard Hong Jian's voice intensify, "Hurry up!" Lu Xiaoqiao looked at Hong Jian and did not move. Fortunately, Mr. Shen estimated that he was not at ease to give the painting to them. He waved to two bodyguards and said with a smile, "The little girl's strength is small. I'm afraid of an accident when I move such a big painting.". Let my bodyguard send the painting out! The owner of the painting said so, of course, Hong Jian could not force Lu Xiaoqiao to move. He flattered Mr. Shen with a smile. "What Mr. Shen said is true!" Lu Xiaoqiao exhaled and followed a group of people out. The company sent a big truck with prepared boxes stuffed with layers of cotton cloth to put the paintings in. Lu Xiaoqiao stood in the back,Quillaja Saponin, watching the two bodyguards put the painting into the carriage, and was about to breathe a sigh of relief. Suddenly. She felt a push on her back and a stumble on her foot, and she threw herself straight forward-about to fall on the Water Lilies, which was still being lifted to the car. At the critical moment, Lu Xiaoqiao grabbed to the left, as if she had caught something,Kava Root Extract, and as soon as she exerted herself, she fell to the side. Ouch! Although the whole person fell to the ground, his feet were twisted, and a layer of skin was worn out on his knees, Lu Xiaoqiao breathed a sigh of relief-somehow he did not jump on the painting. Then I heard a scream! "Ah!!!" The voice came from Mrs. Shen, "Painting!" Lu Xiaoqiao looked up and saw an obvious scratch on the Water Lilies. It turned out that when Lu Xiaoqiao fell down, he caught Qin Su's clothes. Lu Xiaoqiao fell down, but Qin Su did not fall, but the whole person rushed forward and hit one of the bodyguards-the bodyguard's hand turned, the oil painting hit the door of the carriage, the upper left corner was scratched, and the paint was rubbed off. No, Theobromine Powder ,Thyroid Powder Factory, it's none of my business! Yes, it was Lu Xiaoqiao who dragged me!!! Qin Su's first reaction was to put the matter on Lu Xiaoqiao's head. Lu Xiaoqiao also hurriedly said, "someone pushed me behind me, so I pulled you!"! Or I'll be fine and fall on the ground?! "Speaking of.." Just now you were behind me on the left. Did you push me?! Lu Xiaoqiao's eyes are sharp. Lu Xiaoqiao knew that at this time the momentum must be sufficient, otherwise this black pot really buckled on his head! "I have no quarrel with you. Why do I push you?!" Qin Su also felt that he was wronged. She didn't like Lu Xiaoqiao very much, but Lu Xiaoqiao only stayed with them for a week, and half of it was over. Why did she have to push Lu Xiaoqiao when she had nothing to do! After all, Mr. Shen was too old to breathe when he saw this scene, and he murmured in his mouth, "Painting, painting.." This, scraped a mark, that can be millions of dollars!!! Hong Jian also glared at Lu Xiaoqiao and Qin Su, "Lu Xiaoqiao, Qin Su, what's wrong with you two?!" Seeing this situation, Fang Zhendong directly hid aside and kept silent, fearing that the matter would implicate him. Mrs. Shen, who had always looked gentle and obedient, said, "This painting has become like this, and its value has been greatly reduced. We just signed the agreement and something like this happened. Your auction house must compensate us!!!" The tone is quite tough, which is not in line with her public persona! "Yes, yes!" Hong Jian wiped the sweat from his head and looked serious. He looked at Lu Xiaoqiao and Qin Su, "I will estimate according to the actual situation, you two damaged Mr. Shen's collection of paintings, must be compensated according to the actual situation, to make up for Mr. Shen's loss!" Lu Xiaoqiao sneers, "that must see first, whose responsibility is it in the end!" Lu Xiaoqiao pointed to the position of the door, "not as good as." Look at the surveillance first?! There is surveillance at the door of the Shen family. But Mrs. Shen's face changed. "I'm sorry, the surveillance at our door." It went wrong two months ago. Our family has never found anyone to repair it. That's what I said, but it's hard to say whether the monitoring is really broken or not. I saw it! A voice came from the black car next to it. The man inside stepped out of the car with a smile in his mouth and a mobile phone in his hand! Feng Jing looked at their faces one by one, "I took pictures of them, you." Want to see?! In the back seat, Fan Cunren also stepped down from the car. His usually smiling face was serious now. "I have called the police. Whose problem is this? I think the police will find out when they come." Suddenly, Hong Jian's face turned white. Original. After receiving a text message from Lu Xiaoqiao, Feng Jing and Fan Cunren both came this way. When they arrived, they found that Lu Xiaoqiao was still in the small villa. At that time,Sex Enhancement Powder, Fan Cunren wanted to call Lu Xiaoqiao out directly in the name of his brother who had something to do with his sister. Feng Jing stopped him. Feng Jing believes that it is better to be ruthless at one time than to let the people who may harm Lu Xiaoqiao hide in the dark! For Yu Zihao this person, Feng Jing should be said to be quite understanding. At the beginning, Feng Jing was targeted at the present because he was angry. Lu Xiaoqiao once faced Yu Zihao's face. He might as well tear things apart so as not to be timid.