Great perfect diary lip gloss to get to use

Perfect Diary is a cosmetics brand that almost all of us have heard of. At the same time, there are many girls who use the cosmetics of Perfect Diary.

Perfect Diary's red velvet lip glaze hit my heart! This also made my wife like it, so it’s not a loss to start. It is made of matte red velvet, it shows the complexion and white skin when applied, the color is good-looking, and it is very moisturizing and will not dry quickly. Every color number of perfect diary lip gloss is the color number of dreams, it looks very good, my favorite sister Let's go!

 We all know that Perfect Diary has a very rich variety of cosmetics, the most popular of which is The lip gloss of Perfect Diary, because the lip gloss of Perfect Diary is good-looking and cheap, it is very popular among students, so let’s take a look at the lip gloss of Perfect Diary

Perfect Diary is a makeup brand that creates fast fashion in Europe and America. Although it is a new brand established in 2017, the founding team is all bigwigs with years of experience in the cosmetics industry and e-commerce operations. The manufacturers are all top domestic and first-line level With advanced production and research and development capabilities, it is an OEM for many top international brands, including Estee Lauder, Dior, Chanel and other brands. The product quality of perfect diary lip gloss is guaranteed and the first-line quality. The last new product in the spring of 2021, Perfect Diary, ends with an "ultra-thin" business card matte velvet lip gloss. When your bags get smaller and smaller when you go out, the items we carry are bound to be reduced to the extreme. This fashionable perfect diary lip gloss breaks through the tradition, who said that lipstick has to be the same? The brand-new "Business Card" series of lip glazes breaks the rules, drilled and cut edges, pure white like paper, flat and thin, as light and easy to carry as a business card; the whole series has a total of 8 color numbers; warm tone, cool tone, or deep or Light, whether it is white skin or yellow skin, you can find a lip color that suits you.

Introduction of Perfect Diary Lip Glaze

The bottle of Perfect Diary has a matte texture of perfect diary lip gloss, and the simple packaging looks very high-end! It is also very textured in the hand, and the price is very cheap and friendly to the people. It is worth buying for students! Its brush head is flat and similar to a triangle The shape is very good to outline the lip shape~ I personally think that her lip gloss is a very conscientious domestic product. Girls who like matte should not miss it, and they really won’t be disappointed! Girls with yellow skin can also buy it!

Perfect Diary Matte Lip GlazeRecommend

1 Perfect Diary Matte Lip Glaze 937

This is a blue-toned red with a very strong color. No matter how you buy this kind of red, you can’t go wrong. Very obvious.

2 Perfect Diary Matte Lip Glaze 922

This color number is officially said to be pig liver color, but the actual color is a brick red color, but there is a little orange tone in the brick red.

3 perfect diary matte lip glaze 920

Thick smear is the official description of rose bean paste color, thin smear will have a little warm peach feeling, the feeling of spring and summer will come as soon as you put it on the mouth, the misty peach color is just girly, and thick smear will not It looks old-fashioned, and the thin coating is so beautiful! It is temperamental and girly, and it is very inclusive of makeup, and it is versatile!

4 Perfect Diary Matte Lip Glaze 905

This color seems to be a little unpopular, but the best editor likes it very much. Although it is not a very special color, it should be regarded as a dirty orange brown that has been popular for a long time, but it looks very good on the face! Pair it with orange or earth-colored eye makeup for retro and elegant Whitening is totally beautiful.

How about perfect diary lip glaze

Compared with other big-name lip glosses, the price of Perfect Diary Lip Gloss is relatively cheap. Generally speaking, it is a lip makeup product with high cost performance. As for the effect on the lips, let’s take a look at how netizens who have used the product evaluate. Bar!

The following are comments from Taobao netizens: First of all, as a cheap lip glaze, the color rendering is very good, and the moisturizing degree is also good, but it is still a little dry, just a little, acceptable, and then talk about its durability, it almost falls off after eating Light, drink all kinds of sticky cups, I hope this can be improved. It is easy to apply evenly, but the feeling on the lips is a bit unsatisfactory, it feels like a layer of oil is applied, but it can be forgiven for the price. It doesn't paint at all, the application is uneven, and the customer service even told me to apply it with my hands. I really want to suspect that these comments are all brushed out! It really doesn't paint, and the color follows the brush. The color is even and the most dissatisfied of a thing!

Introduction of Perfect Diary Lip Glaze 909

The perfect diary 909 small waltz is a wine red on the mouth, which is really super beautiful. It’s okay to apply only this without makeup, super white teeth, it’s white teeth fairy color, it doesn’t dry at all. The texture is very moist, it feels watery when applied, the upper lip is very moist, and it turns into a matte texture after a while; it is red and thinly applied with a slight orange tone.

Introduction of Perfect Diary Lip Glaze 602

A cup of strawberry bean paste in early spring. Very girly pink bean paste, very suitable for spring and summer, can be applied without makeup. Creamy texture, smooth and easy to apply, and has a glossy feel, slightly filling lip lines. A faint rose scent, very nice.

At the beginning, I couldn’t apply it well no matter what, it looked like it didn’t apply. Later, I found that I couldn’t take it out and apply it on the mouth of the tube. It can be beautiful directly on the mouth, because after this is applied, the color will disappear.