9 Last Minute Assignment Writing Tips to Get an A+

But productivity can ooze out from assignments even when you depend on the chop-chop countdown. And when you are on the countdown, these nine last-minute-assignment writing tips will get you fired up to write that assignment.

Procrastination can bite your urge to finish writing an assignment within the decided deadline. And then you find yourself in a similar scenario like the captive dove- the dove struggles to resume its flight, and you struggle to deduce an assignment of quality. No wonder you prepare yourself to witness your grades coming down terribly as a crashing plane. 

But productivity can ooze out from assignments even when you depend on the chop-chop countdown. And when you are on the countdown, these nine last-minute-assignment writing tips will get you fired up to write that assignment.

Switch off all distractions

While writing an assignment, any sort of distraction is likely to set in – likes on Instagram, Facebook notifications, calls from friends, etc. 

So, if you only wish to write an assignment flawlessly at the last minute, do not let your attention drift away. First, turn off the TV and the smartphone and block all the social networking sites for the time being. Then, start writing your assignments as your chances of writing a captivating, A-worthy assignment are higher than ever before.

Set a fixed time to write the assignments

After you know what scope of work you require dealing with, budget time effectively for your progress. Keep in mind that you do not have a good deal of time- just a few hours to write an assignment successfully. 

First, set a fixed amount of hours to pre-write, write, and post-write an assignment. This step-wise way of writing a project within a specific timeframe allows you to avoid procrastination at any vital assignment writing stage. 

Read the assignment carefully

When an educator assigns you an assignment, read the guidelines thoroughly. You will not do well if you compose something indifferent to what you were asked to do. 

For example, if the assignment sounds like “analyze” and you provide a “summary”, this will not bode well. Remember, a student gets good marks if they follow all the instructions. Therefore, you should adhere to the assignment instructions and work, eventually. For example, given a task to write a 2000-word assignment. Stick to this requirement- write not less than 1500 words and only up to 2200!

Find your space and go on with it

Secure a place where you can work distraction-free. Remember, where there is no distraction, there is productivity. And writing assignments at the last minute requires 200% of mindfulness and 0% of distraction. So, gather all the materials you need to start – journals, articles, magazines, books, notes, laptop, pen, and notepaper. 

Let your family members, especially your siblings, know that you are on a rowdy-free mission where you need peace more than anything. Make sure the place you choose to work is quiet, and you can focus on the task. Remember, the sooner you start, the sooner you will finish. So, go for it. 

Research thoroughly all sources of information

We can never write assignments at a satisfactory level without conducting proper research. Thorough research arms you with the essential data to write a well-researched essay. So, before you write an assignment, see the peculiarities of the topic. Then, how do you do it? Just look through all the authentic resources available to you to assemble the required data about a specific issue. It is better to construct your ideas using only reliable sources such as scholarly journals, credible websites, etc. Where to find them? Click on this link to know.

Do not neglect drafts

When you prepare an outline for your assignment, you can develop all ideas to the fullest extent. Do not overestimate your ability to write an assignment promptly upon receiving the topic. Also, we recommend you deal with at least a draft where you could remove or add some points. Going through the draft in hand can help you refine and better present the information in a final copy. It is of little value to get all your assignment ideas out of the head and the Internet and down on paper. If you hesitate to draft your assignment, read on through this guide on how to compose a rough draft and why it is vital.

Do not go down that rabbit hole

Because once you slip into the hole, there is no coming back. 

This means that you should stay focused on your work and do all things to submit a flawless assignment before the deadline bell rings. First, check on your outline or the project structure to keep on with the topic. Next, try to stuff your work with all relevant forms of data, ideas, concepts, and graphs. How to do it? Think about your assignment topic’s ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’. And parallelly check to see if you are keeping up with time. Are you doing right with assembling information, putting them in words, arranging for graphs and statistics, and connecting the dots of your assignment puzzles perfectly? Or are you feeling overwhelmed and unproductive? If you get too worked up, then perhaps it is time for a quick break to sharpen that exhausted mind.

Factor in breaks

Now rewarding your rest-seeking brain with breaks is entirely different from bribing it with unwanted distractions like reconnecting with social media sites. Instead, taking crisp breaks is about factoring in some “me-time”. Here is how we should do it.

Every fifty-ninety minutes, rest your brain and eyes and if you have time, get outside for a short walk. Mother Nature can come to your aid significantly in a crisis like this. Taking a calm walk through nature can help to inspire you, increase your focus and even reduce your stress. You may need to switch off from your work for a few minutes, but we strictly recommend you stay away from the sharply distractive captives of social media and excessive caffeine.

Check your work

Allow time to proofread- do a quick yet thorough run through first- punctuation, spelling, grammar, then work your way through again. Watch out for accidentally including those ‘txt words’ in your assignment- you are likely to commit this crime as you are in a hurry. And delete those texting terms as there are no marks rewarded for them. Finally, use your plagiarism and spell-checker tools and read through your work before submitting it.


Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will indeed end an assignment within a few hours. 

Submit your work- by the deadline if you can!

And for some further motivation, set yourself a reward for finishing- anything that will incentivize you to get the next assignment done long before the deadline peeps in- after all, you will deserve it.

So, now you are armed and equipped with the best tips. So, what are you doing still reading this? Go, Get working. Good luck!

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