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Han Zilong's heart is also very depressed, his constitution is general,

Han Zilong's heart is also very depressed, his constitution is general, so a moment in the morning, tired to collapse, the student union sent mung bean water to each class, but this damn Xu Changyou is not allowed to rest, he wanted to drink water without a chance. I wanted to hold out until the end of the morning training, but Han Zilong was really thirsty. He raised his hand and said, "drillmaster, I want some water." Xu Changyou frowned at Han Zilong, his face full of his discomfort, but he suddenly remembered, damn it! This is Han Zilong. Han's eldest young master, Xu Xin said hello yesterday, he patronized the whole Zhang Wenhao, he was angry, full of anger. I forgot this young master unexpectedly. Xu Changyou said hurriedly: "Go, go, you can rest for ten minutes." A girl raised her hand and said, "Drillmaster, I want to drink water, too." This one. Many girls and boys with weak constitution all chimed in. Seeing that all the students in the class wanted to drink water,temperature check kiosk, Xu Changyou was so angry that he shouted, "Who wants to drink water?"? Run around the gym ten times, and I'll make him drink enough! Ten laps? A lap of 400 meters, ten laps is 4000 meters, these people are here "gymnastics" practice for a morning, in addition to Zhang Wenhao, who has the physical strength to run around the "gymnastics" field 4000 meters? Isn't that bullshit? Everyone unconsciously looked at Han Zilong, everyone was surprised,smart interactive whiteboard, the drillmaster Zhang Wenhao some dissatisfaction, we can see, but because Zhang Wenhao let him down, he will vent his anger with the whole class, everyone can understand, but why Han Zilong is an exception? He said that if you drink water, you can drink water, and you can rest for ten minutes. Others who want to drink water have to run ten laps in the same place? It's obviously unfair treatment! Zhang Wenhao felt something was wrong in his heart. At first, he just felt that Xu Changyou was against himself. Maybe he didn't like him. Maybe he wanted to find someone to make an example of him and set up his dignity in the class. But now this scene makes Zhang Wenhao feel that there is something wrong between Xu Changyou and Han Zilong. Immediately, Zhang Wenhao breathed heavily and pretended to be very tired. He raised his hand and said, "drillmaster, let's rest for a while and drink some water. Everyone is very tired. If it goes on like this, I'm afraid I'll collapse." Xu Changyou looked at Zhang Wenhao and found that Zhang Wenhao was already out of breath at the moment, and even could not stand up straight. He put his hands on his knees, arched his waist, face recognition identification ,digital signage screen, and looked like he was overdrawn. With a sneer in his heart, Hsu Chang-you said to himself, "I thought you were made of iron. After two hundred push-ups and a morning's exercise, you will feel tired and your physical strength will not be able to carry it.". Thinking of this, Xu Changyou came up with a plan and said coldly, "If a person wants to drink water, I can make an exception, but you follow suit one after another. What is the propriety of this?"? Could it be that when you see one person asking for leave, everyone has to ask for leave? In that case, there is no organizational discipline to speak of? Then Xu Changyou added, "As I said just now, anyone who wants to drink water should run ten laps first. Otherwise, he will endure it until lunch break." Zhang Wenhao sneered in his heart and said, "drillmaster, I have a proposal. I don't know if you would like to accept it." "A proposal?" Xu Changyou asked in reply: "What proposal?" Zhang Wenhao opened his mouth and said, "Let's make an agreement and let the students be witnesses. You and I will start running around the'drill 'field at the same time. Whoever is lapped by the other side first, or who is exhausted first, will lose. If I lose, I will not ask for any rest time during the military training from now on. If I win, then you will be the same as other classes, every 40 minutes." Give the students a ten-minute water break. "An agreement?" Xu Changyou secretly scolded in his heart: "Isn't this a bet?"? You want to run with me? Boy, upper limb strength I may not be as abnormal as you, but lower limb strength, you certainly can not compare with me, I have three to five thousand meters of armed zipper almost every day in the army, I can carry down a load of more than ten or twenty kilograms, what is simple running? At this moment, Xu Changyou took a look at Zhang Wenhao and felt a burst of sarcasm in his heart. Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers? You want to be in the limelight? But this time, you kicked the iron plate! I don't have any physical exercise this morning. I just stand for a whole morning. I can drink water if I want to. I can rest if I want to. I'm full of physical strength. What about you? Do you still want to compete with me in running after practicing 200 push-ups in the morning? Xu Changyou instinctively thought that Zhang Wenhao was looking for death, his current state. Not to mention, there is no problem to run 20 laps, and you can stick to 25 laps even if you grit your teeth. He did not believe that Zhang Wenhao's remaining physical strength could be stronger than his own. When he thought that the boy himself had said that if he lost, he would not ask for a break in the next 15 days of training. Why didn't he kill you? Thinking of this, Xu Changyou immediately opened his mouth and said, "Good!"! Now that you have said it, I will promise you. The instructors on this "drill" field are all Xu Changyou's soldiers, and they have Xu Xin's uncle as their backing in the army. Even if he ran with the students, no one dared to say anything about himself, so Xu Changyou immediately agreed to come down. As it happened, the military training venue of Zhang Wenhao's class was close to the edge of the playground, next to the runway. Xu Changyou said: "Five minutes to warm up.". Other students do witness, who can not run first, or who is first lapped by the other side, even if they lose. Zhang Wenhao nodded and said, "All right!" This one. The whole class got excited again. It was Zhang Wenhao who took the initiative to fight. It seemed. Zhang Wenhao naturally had a well-thought-out plan. Thinking that Zhang Wenhao's bet was to fight for the right to rest for ten minutes every forty minutes for the whole class, everyone was looking forward to it. This Xu Changyou had offended all the other students except Han Zilong in the morning. At this time, they were naturally standing beside Zhang Wenhao. During the five-minute warm-up, Xu Changyou did several standard warm-up and pulling movements. Zhang Wenhao had been exercising all morning, so there was no need to warm up at all. After five minutes,Interactive digital signage, Xu Changyou finished warming up. He waved his hand contemptuously to Zhang Wenhao and said, "Come on, get on the runway." 。