Three female swordsmen in Jianghu

Quietly in the tent, Gan Fengchi was thinking about how to find out about Zeng Jing,

Quietly in the tent, Gan Fengchi was thinking about how to find out about Zeng Jing, and had thought of going down to coerce Nian Gengyao, but He also thought that Nian Gengyao's martial arts were no small matter. If he failed, the consequences would be even worse. When he was calculating, he suddenly heard a silent sound under the account. "What time is it?" Asked a charming voice. "It's the fourth watch," said Nian Gengyao. There was a loud whine outside the tent door. Blowing the horn in a low voice, the charming voice said, "Who is blowing the horn tonight?" "My dear Gege," said Nian Gengyao. Come out to frighten you, the vigil tonight is the prefect of Toyama! Do you think you are lucky? There is a prefect to guard the door for you! "I don't believe it," said Jiate Gege angrily. "How can a prefect keep vigil?" "That's my name," said Nian Gengyao with a smile. He keeps vigil. How dare he not obey? "I still don't believe it," said Jiate Gege. "Do you really have the guts?" "Well," said Nian Gengyao, "if you don't believe me, I'll call him in and show you." Tent lights up, ordered QinBing will be outside. Call the watchman. Gan Fengchi hurriedly shrank in the corner of the tent, covering himself with the upturned tent. Passed a little while, heard recruit led a person to go. Into the account. Jiate giggled twice. "Who are you?" Nian Gengyao shouted. Gan Fengchi was taken aback. "Surely this man is not the prefect of Toyama," said Xin. The man said in a trembling voice, "I am General Liu Shen under the account of the Toyama Army." Nian Gengyao shouted, "Where is Prefect Fu going?" Did you? Knowing that something was wrong, the man knelt down and said,Slate Wall Panel, "The rich prefect has something important to do, so he has to go back to his account and ask him to replace him temporarily." Generation. In fact, Toyama was seen by his subordinates because he was the prefect of the army and kept vigil by blowing horns. It was too ugly, so he ordered a participant. Will replace, think Nian Gengyao may not personally to check. That Zhi Nian Gengyao inquired tonight. After listening to the general's words, he gave a sneer and said, "What a bold Toyama, he!" Dare not defend the military order, give me together! As soon as the words came out of his mouth,Porcelain Marble Slabs, an axeman came in and pulled the general out of the camp. Yes, send in two bloody heads, one is the prefect, one is the general. Nian Gengyao said with a smile, "Gege, take a good look." Is this the prefect of Toyama? Jia Te Gege covered his face and said, "I'm scared to death. I don't want to see it. Take it out quickly!" Year GengYao a wave of his hand, called QinBing will take the first call. Gan Fengchi was very angry when he saw that Nian Gengyao was so cruel. There was another report outside the camp: "See General Lu." Nian Gengyao "Come in," he said. The name of the man who came was Lu Huchen. He was a trusted general of Nian Gengyao. He also had the rank of prefect. He entered the tent and saluted Then he asked aloud, "Where is the rich prefect?" "I've killed him," said Nian Gengyao. Lu Huchen was shocked and knelt down. "The commander in chief has heard this," he said. "We are fighting with the morale of the troops. Once the morale of the troops breaks up, it will be extremely dangerous. Now the commander in chief has killed the innocent Fulti. Governor, Liu will, don't make sergeant chilling. And the emperor learned that there was also inconvenience. Lu Huchen is really a good intention, offend Yan Jin. But when Nian Gengyao heard this, he flew into a rage and said, white marble slabs ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, "Now that I have laid down the country for the emperor, even if the emperor sees me, he will be afraid of three." Fen, what are you that dares to incite the Ministry to oppose me? Knife and axe men come and push them out and chop them! The soul of Lu Huchen is flying Scatter and cry out for injustice. Also is his life should not die, Yue Zhongqi heard to kill the rich prefect also hurried to come, just met Lu Huchen was pushed. Out of the tent, asked the reason, hurriedly stopped the knife and axe hand, into the tent to intercede with Nian Gengyao, Gan Fengchi fell on the tent, heard them whisper. Whispering, what to say, is not clear. After listening for a while, Nian Gengyao gave the order and said, "For the sake of General Yue, Rao!" That fellow is dead. But the crime of death is a rabbit, and the crime of living is hard to forgive. He was ordered to beat fifty army sticks and punish him to keep vigil for Toyama for three nights! After the order, Outside the camp, he heard the sound of the military stick, which made Lu Huchen cry out in pain and "thank you.". After this uproar, the account It's the fifth watch outside. Nian Gengyao sent Yue Zhongqi out of the tent. Suddenly he asked, "Is Zeng Jing still in your tent?" Yue Zhongqi way: "Yes, Marshal.". "Nian Gengyao said with a smile," You've done a good job. The emperor must appreciate you. " Yue Zhongqi's hair stood on end. Said hurriedly, "It all depends on the commander in chief." "Send him to me tomorrow," said Nian Gengyao. Yue Zhongqi way: "Yes, Marshal." Nian Gengyao took Yue Zhongqi out one after another and went back to sleep. Gan Fengchi saw that the sky was about to brighten and left in a hurry. Although Gan Fengchi did not find out anything that night, he knew the whereabouts of Zeng Jing. But the guard in the army is extremely strict, and it is impossible to do so during the day. On the first day of the expedition, they arrived at the Lugou Bridge outside Beijing in the evening, and on the second day they could enter Beijing. The army was stationed near Lugou Bridge. Zha. In the evening, Gan Fengchi and Tang Xiaolan pretended to be watchmen outside the camp and secretly flew to Nian Gengyao's camp. This night and the previous night is different, only Lu Huchen outside the camp blowing horn vigil, there are not even ten guards outside the tent. Only in Between the outer tent and the "tiger tent", there are guards patrolling. The tent was lit up, and Gan Fengchi was lying on the tent, where he could see Nian Gengyao. His shadow walked up and down below, and he was the only one in the tent, not including Jiate Gege. After a while, QinBing into a person, it is Ceng Jing. "If you go out," said Nian Gengyao, "no one is allowed to approach the tiger. Account. QinBing should 1, hurried out. Sitting on a tiger-skin chair, Nian Gengyao gave a sneer and said, Old man Zeng, do you know that Yan Hongkui and Shen Zaikuan have been beheaded? Have you decided to hang your head at nine doors? Ceng Jingse shrank in a corner and could not answer. Gan Fengchi scolded secretly, "It's really a pustule. It's wider than Shen Zai." Not even close! "If Lv Liuliang knows something underground, he must scold him for holding the door and wall and calling himself a disciple!" Nian Gengyao glanced at him and said with a sneer, "You should have beheaded the nine clans for the crime you committed." Zeng Jing murmured, "All!" The commander in chief showed mercy. "It's all up to you," said Nian Gengyao. "Ask the commander in chief for instructions," said Zeng Jing. Nian Gengyao noodles "The emperor wants you to atone for your sins," said Kong Yiban. Zeng Jing said,White Marble Slabs, Haven't I already confessed Yan Hongkui and Shen Zaikuan? "?" "These two are the proud descendants of Lu Liuliang," said Nian Gengyao. "Everyone knows about them. Why should you say so?" "But," said Zeng Jing.