Hu Lancheng-this life

Both of them want to put each other to death. As a result, Xu Hui cut Yan Wuxin's left rib with a sword.

Realistic is good. It is also cleaner and fairer than the ecstasy of the great leap of life. Xiumei and me, good. As the Buddhist scriptures say, "The Dharma is not the same, and the Dharma is not comparable." It is impossible to imagine that having Aileen and Chou would be a hindrance. When she heard me talk about the benefits of Aileen and Xiao Zhou, she only felt like a spring breeze garden, where a peony blossoms several times without repetition. Or against each other. Hers is such a bright and spacious muddle. But I teased her on purpose. I said the benefits of Xiao Zhou, even Aileen's self-confidence, and jealousy, will be in the future. Together, aren't you afraid of being outdone? When Xiumei heard this, she said, "It all depends on your mind.". But I also It is enough, for it is good to be with you, even to come together and to go apart. I said, "I am teasing you." His stubborn words. Hsiu-mei thought for a moment and said with a smile, "In the play, you are the person of the past, and you can conquer the world or win the first prize." When I was in distress, I got married everywhere, like a little bachelor with greasy hair. Later, I was reunited and worshipped in the hall, all of which were new. Lady, come on, get up and come on. But I will not answer, because I have no proper word to answer. I mean it. I had never thought of this before, at least at that time, I had never thought of it before. Such a good story is not enough to thank future generations, take me as an example,fine bubble diffuser, or take me as a warning. I also want to be able to join in the future. Round, if not, I am also sincere to be a person. Unreasonable love in this life can only be said to be a previous life. Plunder, and gather and disperse in the future, and the things of the world are as subtle as the way of heaven. But in Tao yuan-ming's poem, "The Spirit of Death", He also said, "The world is full of shortsightedness," but he was also able to be generous and insolent about the rights and wrongs of human affairs and the subtle ways of heaven. I thought it was very good to hear Xiumei say that he was a greasy little bachelor. When Yang said dragon and phoenix locks, she quoted, Dan,Dissolved Gas Flotation, "I called you a greasy little bachelor and knocked at the door in the middle of the night." "I'm not a greasy little bachelor. Thirteen Prince Lin Feng-chun." Dan, "Since you are a small family member of the Lin family, why don't you take the old family with you?" "I took my family with me, Lin Pao-ning, and for a moment I was lost and nowhere to be found." This kind of question and answer, the question is reasonable one by one, the answer is also reasonable one by one, is really "the cock crows in the mulberry tree, the dog barks in the deep alley." "What does the swashbuckler want? Peace is at peace below the sky.". Now, although disorderly, we can still feel the rationality of the world, so that the mountains and rivers and the city walls are strictly ordered. I already have Aileen. But with Xiao Zhou, and with Xiumei, should or should not, I can only not seek to understand, or even not to think much. In short, it is like this, can not be explained, this is the reason. Hung Fan-li: The stars have good wind, Belt Filter Press ,lamella clarifer, and the stars have good rain. The affairs of the human world are also reasonable and reasonable. They are cleaner and more innocent than the so-called spirit of science, and they are also better than the imperial edict of the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. In the book, there are more virtuous men and women, the truth is obvious, the system is measured, and the world is as beautiful as a picture. Such a good reason is. Mencius said righteousness, and it can be molested, then righteousness is benevolence. w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m [Magpie Bridge Meeting] Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang [Magpie Bridge Meeting] When Aileen arrived in Wenzhou in February, I was startled, displeased and even ungrateful. Husband and wife go with each other in adversity It was the business of the world to come all the way to see me, but Aileen did the same, and I just felt it was not appropriate. In an old novel There are often stars in the sky who are reincarnated in the mortal world and cry more than three days after birth. Aileen and I always seem to be in heaven and earth. Worldly things also have such excitement and uneasiness, only because both of them have such humility. But because I'm a man, I don't want to drag my wife down. Aileen did this for me. I just felt that I didn't deserve it, and I didn't want to show weakness. I became angry. Don't scold her in a gruff voice. "What are you doing here?"? Why don't you go back? Aileen lived in a hotel near the park. I only accompanied her during the day. I didn't dare to stay in the hotel because I was afraid of the police. To check the night. Sometimes Xiumei went with me. I didn't tell Aileen about Xiumei, not to hide it from her. I do not feel ashamed or confused. Xiumei, because Aileen is my person, of course, good-looking and treat her well, she also saw her. Tell me that Mr. Fan is beautiful. Aileen and I have been married for two years, and it still looks like we have just been married for three days, and the bride and groom are only in the boudoir for a whole day. Shou, there is nothing to do, but there are still some raw points in the intimacy, naturally like guests. Sometimes two people lie in bed together. As she spoke, the two of them looked at each other with their faces together. Her eyes were full of smiles, and her face was full of peony flowers. Without any reservation, whenever I am with her, I always feel that the days are long. Suddenly the cow barked outside the window, Aileen and me. When they heard it, they looked at each other like two children and laughed in surprise. I said that the cow called nicely, because Aileen talked about this time with Si. When Mr. and Mrs. Jun came together, Wanfen sat in a sedan chair holding Guanghan in her arms. There was a cow by the side of the road. She taught the baby to speak, saying, "Cow, I am Guanghan." As Aileen said this, she was surprised and amused again. Aileen added, "It sounds good when a cow crows, and it sounds good when a horse crows." Like the wind. I got up and stood at the window. The back of the hotel used to be a hill connected to the park. There were trees and grass. The cow is still here. Aileen and I sat down to talk again, but I heard the crows in the woods. I laughed and said, "I'm always on the way to escape." I've seen crows crowing on my head, but recently I read in a book that the people of the Tang Dynasty regarded the crowing of crows as auspicious, and the Lord forgave them. Aileen said, This morning when I was alone in my room before you came, a crow came and stayed at the window. I said in my heart, "Just stay." I was not superstitious, but I was very happy to see it fly away. She laughed again as she spoke. Two people also said some things after parting, but those things seem to be very simple, although there is a Dynasty change, the body. Family life is at stake, just like what I did in the yard just now, and who I met outside the door. I was sitting at the breakfast table at the moment, and I just talked about it casually. On such a long and quiet day, I would rather listen as usual. She said Western things, because she said it to me. She said that during the war, the United States produced a film called "The Explosion of Colors," and some people thought of using all kinds of fragrances. Play, no character, just smell. The color and smell were what Aileen liked, but the Western one. No temperament, only symbols, like some new paintings,filter nozzle, are just resorting to geometry, after all, wind.