The official road is boundless by Regan

Both of them want to put each other to death. As a result, Xu Hui cut Yan Wuxin's left rib with a sword.

He smoked a lot, almost one after another. Originally, he had quit smoking for a period of time, but he did not expect to become more addicted to smoking after relapse, so he never dared to quit smoking again. He just controlled the amount as much as possible, but at least one pack a day. And he is also particular about smoking. He only smokes one brand, Marlboro. For people of his level, many people think that Marlboro is a foreign brand, and the level is a little lower. When everyone smokes Zhonghua, Furongwang, Acura Yunyan and Yuxi, you still smoke Marlboro for ten yuan a pack. It seems inappropriate, and it may even rise to the level of unpatriotism. But Du Chongshan never pays attention to this. It's just a personal hobby. If you are used to changing, it is easy to go wrong. Tobacco, wine and tea are the three major hobbies of a man. He only loves tobacco, does not pay attention to tea, and does not touch wine. When there is no tea, he can deal with it by drinking boiled water. As he grows older, he now prefers to drink boiled water rather than tea. So the provincial government office was a little uncomfortable with his hobby at the beginning. A leader who didn't drink tea or alcohol came, but he smoked so much. It was said that his secretary didn't smoke originally, but now it seems that he has to accept the edification and smoke occasionally, which makes Du Chongshan feel that he has done a lot of harm to others, so that the secretary must insist on not smoking, lest he feel guilty in the future. Every time Du Chongshan opened the Standing Committee, he came earlier. The purpose was to smoke outside the corridor in advance. There were several smokers in the Standing Committee, but first, no one smoked like him. Second, no one smoked outside, and he did not smoke other brands of cigarettes. When Chu Yaolan came out, Du Chongshan was enjoying a puff, and when he saw Chu Yaolan coming out, he nodded. Governor Du, is another person eating alone here? Chu Yaolan was joking. I can't help it. No one can get used to it. I'm the only one who can accept it. Du Chongshan took a deep breath, then put out his cigarette butt and threw it into the trash can. "I've read the agenda of the meeting. How can I put the research personnel motion at the end?" Chu Yaolan hesitated for a moment and then said, "Secretary Shao felt that this personnel motion was quite controversial,wall penstocks, and he was worried that it would affect other agendas, so he put it at the end." Du Chongshan snorted noncommittally from his nasal cavity, "It's better to settle down earlier. The absence of a major local leader will have an impact on this year's work. It's better to cut the Gordian knot and settle down earlier." "Well, that's what Secretary Shao meant. In any case, it's better than procrastinating for so long." Chu Yaolan added. As the two men were talking, other members of the Standing Committee began to arrive. Teng Guangyao, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda, who arrived first, is also a smoker, but compared with Du Chongshan, his addiction to smoking is much inferior, so he and Du Chongshan are smoking friends, but they all smoke their own. After entering the meeting room and putting down his bag, Teng Guangyao came out, took out a cigarette and lit it. He took a beautiful puff and then said, "Governor Du, have you enjoyed it enough?" "Come early, multi disc screw press ,rotary vacuum disc filters, come first, enjoy first." Du Chongshan said lightly, "You don't have to be in such a hurry to smoke. I can't. I have to smoke two cigarettes to moisten my throat first." The three men were talking in the corridor, and Ye Qingjiang's voice and shadow appeared at the other end of the corridor. The members of the Standing Committee came one after another, making the corridor suddenly lively. Whether they were non-smokers or smokers, the corridor was very large. Everyone was talking and laughing, talking about some interesting anecdotes, and they were very happy. Mo Jicheng and Gao Jin are one after another into the corridor, Mo Jicheng first step, see Gao Jin up the stairs, wait for a while, until Gao Jin also came up, then walk side by side, while chatting. After Chu Yaolan saw the arrival of Mo Jicheng and Gao Jin, he quietly went into the conference room first. Guo Jinsheng, deputy secretary general and director of the provincial Party committee, had arranged all kinds of things properly. Chu Yaolan motioned Guo Jinsheng to check again. This should have been Ge Cunlin's job, but now Ge Cunlin is still at home thinking behind closed doors, waiting to be dealt with, so there is only Guo Jinsheng. As soon as Chu Yaolan entered the conference room, several members of the Standing Committee in the corridor also knew that the time was almost up, and they entered the conference room one after another, indicating that the Standing Committee was about to begin. The first few agendas are uneventful, although there are differences, but everyone's mentality is very calm, more is some exploratory opinions, will soon be able to form a consensus, even if it is to reserve opinions, everyone is very calm. Everyone knows that it is no secret that the last key personnel motion discussion is the most divisive one. Fang Guogang was still lukewarm. Shao Jingchuan, who presided over the meeting, motioned to enter the last agenda. When it came to the candidates for the Commissioner of the Administrative Office of Fengzhou District, Fang Guogang cleared his throat and introduced the basic situation of the three candidates in an orderly manner. Three people, Yao Fang's resume is the simplest. From the League Committee of the 195 Factory to the Deputy Secretary of the League Provincial Committee and then to the Deputy Secretary of the Kunhu Municipal Party Committee, it was so simple that even Wang Zhengxi himself could not help frowning. Although this could not explain anything, he read it out at the Standing Committee and compared it with the resumes of the other two people. Even if it was just an accompanying note, he felt that it was too thin. In particular, the two weaknesses of never involving economic work and never working at the grass-roots level have been magnified countless times compared with Yu Lianbang and Lu Weimin. You Lianbang was deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party Group of Changzhou Planning Commission before he served as deputy director of the Provincial Development and Planning Commission. Before that, he also served as deputy head of Xianghe County, Standing Committee of County Committee, Organization Minister, Standing Committee of Longhu District Committee, Deputy District Director and Deputy Secretary of Wuyou District Committee. He has rich experience. However, you Lianbang also has a weakness, that is, he has never served as the main leader. However, compared with Yao Fang, That's a lot richer. Lu Weimin's resume is the richest. He has done everything. He has worked in the county Party committee office, the League County Committee and the prefectural Party committee office. He has worked in the township and community leaders. Then he is the Standing Committee of the county Party committee, the deputy secretary of the county party committee, the county head, the secretary of the county party committee, and the propaganda minister of the municipal party committee. Finally, he was appointed deputy director of the provincial government's political research office and went to Tibet to aid Tibet. The members of the Standing Committee present at the meeting could not believe the introduction of the foreign national program. How could it be so rich? I didn't think so before. In particular, Du Chongshan, the executive vice governor, and Zuo Yunpeng,lamella tube, the secretary of the political and legal committee, who had just come to work in Changjiang, were even more shocked.