Dan's needle

I do not want to go in, you go to beg Xia Liuyi, she is so good to you, will listen to you,pallet rack shelving, Xi'an, you go to beg her, only you can save me. He did not understand what she said and refused her with his lips pursed.

As he spoke, he stepped forward and stretched out his hand. "Now bring Tron," he said. After a pause, he added, 'If you want to live to see Yunsanhua, this sword may be a deal. Du Xiyan's heart moved slightly. He lowered his head and thought for a moment. "Really?" He asked. "Of course it's true," said the masked man. Du Xiyan slowly handed out the sword. The masked man stepped forward and saw that his fingers were about to touch the scabbard. Du Xiyan suddenly took it back. "What does that mean?" Asked the masked man. There was displeasure in the voice. Du Xiyan said coldly, "After I give you this, you will still kill me, so I'd better keep it for myself." "Why do you think so?" The masked man asked in a deep voice. Du Xiyan looked at him and said, "I can see it from your eyes. Your eyes are not only greedy, but also full of murder." The masked man nodded slowly and said, "You have a little eyesight, but it doesn't help you, because sooner or later you will still die at my hands." As soon as the body collapsed, it suddenly rose like an eagle, and suddenly flashed a black gold short staff, which hit Du Xiyan on the head. Du Xiyan's body retreated rapidly, and the masked man's stick passed by. Du Xiyan shook off his sword, like a rainbow of autumn water, and the masked man attacked him in reverse. The sword was like electricity, bringing out a light roar, and the sound was like a dragon singing,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, only to hear a loud sound of "Ha Qing". The masked man turned and retreated, and the black gold staff in his palm was cut by the "child star" sword. The masked man was so shocked that he hurriedly dropped the half-broken stick in his hand and reached for the back shoulder of Chang Nong with both hands. Du Xiyan succeeded with a sword, and his eyes were shining. As soon as the body moves forward, the second sword is turned out from bottom to top like a dragon, and the brilliance on the sword is very bright. The masked man quickly dodged and moved very fast, but it was not as good as Du Xiyan's sword. His left shoulder brushed the body of the sword, even with his clothes and flesh, and cut off a thin piece. With a snort of pain, the masked man stamped his feet,medium duty racking, pulled up five or six feet, and made a "jingle" sound in midair. Between his hands, a pair of black and black judge's double pens had appeared. But seeing his body leaping up in the air, he suddenly fell sharply, like a giant eagle with its wings closed, and a pair of judges' pens came down through the air. Straight to Du Xiyan's acupoint. However, as soon as Du Xiyan's sword style was used, it was actually interlinked. The second sword had just been used, and the third sword had already been used. The sword looked even more eerie and amazing, and with a sharp cold wind, it went straight into the mask. The masked man was so shocked that he broke out in a cold sweat. He rolled on the spot and turned over Zhang Xu. But Du Xiyan walked with the sword, creating a flash of light, like a chestnut in the fire, hearing a "choke" sound, the masked man broke one of his two pens. Then after this sword, the fifth sword changed to attack the lower plate, heavy duty metal racking ,metal racking systems, the change was so strange that it immediately cut off the hem of the masked man's long clothes. The masked man was really like a lost dog at this moment, with a strange skill, but under Du Xiyan's strange sword style, he could not display it at all. His clothes were broken, and he was rolling on the ground of Qi Zhao in a terrible mess. He was afraid that the sixth letter of Du Xiyan would come one after another. Who would have thought that Du Xiyan's sixth sword could not be used. The masked man stood up and jumped up, as fast as an arrow from the bow, and all of a sudden he passed by Du Xiyan. When the two sides crossed, the masked man's broken pen knocked on the other side's comet sword, and the judge's pen in his left hand took advantage of the gap to hit Du Xiyan's "Sanli Point". Du Xiyan's body was slightly weak, but he felt weak for a moment, and he knew in his heart that he had been touched by the other side. The masked man jumped back to Du Xiyan's side and breathed a long sigh of relief. "That old man, Cheng Jinzhong, has wronged me.." he said. Hey, hey. Fortunately, I dealt with it straight, otherwise I would have died at the hands of you. He bent down and took the comet sword from Du Xiyan's hand, watched it for a while, looked at Du Xiyan's face, and said: "No wonder you were aware of it when I came. It seems that you are not an easy person. I can't keep you today." The masked man's voice stopped, and suddenly there was a sneer behind him: "Stop!" Startled, the masked man suddenly turned around and looked everywhere. In front of him, beyond Wenxu, stood a tall, thin old man in yellow. The old man had a long beard with three glittering gold rings on it, which was very striking and dazzling. With this fresh sign, the masked man suddenly had a name in his mind. He stepped back and said with a cold smile, "What kind of person is your excellency who dares to meddle in your uncle's business?" The old man in yellow laughed and said, "Meng She, you've already recognized me, and I've already recognized you!"! Wouldn't it be nice if we opened the window and talked openly? The masked man could not hide his fear in his eyes. He paused for a moment and then said, "All right!"! Are you the'three-ring old man 'of the two Tianshan Mountains? "The old man in yellow laughed and said," Your guess is right. The masked man lifted the veil on his face and revealed his true face. It was Master Meng of the Kongtong Sect, who was known for his cunning and wisdom. After he took off his veil, he forced himself to smile and said, "Your eyesight is really good, but I don't know what to teach you." "Meng She," said the old man with ejaculated eyes, "you have done a lot of evil in your life. Today, you are in the hands of the old man. You are full of evil. Your retribution has come." He then used very simple words to say the two evil things that Meng She had done. Finally, he sternly rebuked him: "The Snake Sect was originally a famous sect, but now you have made a mess of it. I'm going to clean up the house for the attached sect today." As he spoke, his clothes made a slight sound, and the old man in yellow was standing on his left side, only a few feet apart. Meng She couldn't help being taken aback. She thought to herself, "With the other side's posture and skill, if I want to escape, I can't do it. I have to fight with the other side." The old man slowly rolled up a pair of big sleeves and said, "Meng She, if you don't do it first, you can't blame me for being ruthless. It's better to do it first." Meng She said, 'Third Ring Old Man, don't you think it's a little inappropriate to fight with me with your identity and fame?' "You're right,asrs warehouse," said the old man. "If I don't give you any concessions, I'll kill you. I don't think you'll be convinced." Meng She nodded and said, "That's exactly what I mean." Suddenly he stepped down and forced himself into the stone forest behind him. kingmoreracking.com