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I do not want to go in, you go to beg Xia Liuyi, she is so good to you, will listen to you,pallet rack shelving, Xi'an, you go to beg her, only you can save me. He did not understand what she said and refused her with his lips pursed.

Everything is dominated by the intention of killing. Long Fei's mind was shocked. He knew that the deadly scholar was very powerful, but he did not think that he was so powerful. Listening to the comments around him, his heart was even tighter. People don't believe he's a killer. But. Long Fei believes. Because he is a disciple of his mother. Now he began to know why he was desperate to save him at any time. Now I finally understand everything. Long Fei's heart was touched, "Niang!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" In a flash, the space of nine days and ten places exploded crazily. People who enter the space of killing will be killed instantly. But! Eleven gods will be safe and sound, all the killing power hit them, causing countless to crit damage, but. They don't feel any pain. Crushed by eleven palms! Long Fei looked back at the deadly scholar and shouted out, "Scholar!" "Nima!" "*** your ancestors!" "Ah.." Long Fei had already fled, but looking at the eleven giant palms on the body of the deadly scholar, he could not care so much. Turned over and rushed back. Ziyang Divine Skill, the second level, open it for me! Reading friends, you can search "", can be the first time to find the site oh. Second, Ziyang Tathagata! Chapter 1882 the second level, Ziyang Tathagata! God will be too strong. The eleven strong palms split down, and the deadly scholar had no possibility of survival. He will die! When the deadly scholar appeared, he was ready for everything. A thousand years of waiting. The seal of memory. The seal of time, for him, is to wait for the appearance of Long Fei. Long Fei appeared. He promised to do everything he could to protect the flying goddess, and he thought that someone had controlled his consciousness to protect Longfei. But. When he entered the underground palace and saw everything in the temple of immortals, he knew that the consciousness was actually the consciousness he had planted thousands of years ago. Long Fei is the young master. Even at the cost of his life,metal racking systems, he will protect Long Fei. No matter how powerful the God will be, no matter how powerful the army of the Temple of Destiny is, he is not afraid. In the space of nine days and ten places, thousands of war beasts and disciples of the Temple of Destiny were killed in seconds, but they did not kill the gods. At that moment, they knew they were going to die. But he didn't regret it. Seeing Long Fei suddenly come back, his eyes tightened and he shouted, "Young Lord, don't!" When the dragon flies back, all he has done is in vain. Boom! The purple flame on Long Fei's body rose crazily, step by step, stepping on space debris in midair and exploding, teardrop pallet racking ,push back racking system, and the purple flame all over his body was like a hellfire. Ziyang Tathagata is the second level of Ziyang Divine Skill! "Open it!" Give a roar. Ding! "System Tip: The player's cultivation is too low to withstand the second realm of Ziyang Divine Skill!" "Ding!" Without waiting for the sound of the system to ring, Long Fei was furious, "I bite your eight generations of ancestors, force me to open it!" What can't bear? Isn't it burning Jingyuan, Shouyuan? If you can't even protect your own brother, do you want so many longevity yuan to be a bird? Besides. The deadly scholar has a special meaning for Long Fei. He can die for himself. Long Fei can do the same! "Boom!" With a roar in the sky, a holy light of Ziyang fell from the sky and fell directly on Longfei's body, and a huge statue of the Tathagata appeared on Longfei's head. Huge! Horror! The existence of no horse! "Whoo-hoo." "Whoo-hoo." Long Fei panted like an ox, his eyes, nostrils, mouth, ears were all oozing blood, seven orifices bleeding, the whole body collapsed, the feeling of the body being torn was extremely uncomfortable. But. For the sake of brothers, Long Fei is not afraid! Ziyang Tathagata fell. Boom! Long Fei stood in front of the deadly scholar and took over all the eleven palms of the gods without any damage. "Young Lord, you shouldn't have come back," said the deadly scholar. Long Fei grinned and said, "You are not allowed to die for me before I agree!" "Do you understand?" The deadly scholar looked at Long Fei, looked at his firm eyes, that kind of fearlessness, that kind of fearlessness, really exactly the same as the flying goddess of that year. Only The flying goddess has never been in such a desperate situation. And Long Fei! The whole body is about to explode. The deadly scholar's heart tightened. Jiu Tianmo laughed, "ha ha ha." Long Fei, I really think highly of you. I can't imagine that you are really brain-damaged. You ran away and came back! "Ha ha ha." "You really have a lot of fetters." Long Fei could have escaped by relying on the degree of the flying crane. But. Jiu Tianmo didn't expect Long Fei to come back! Isn't this a death? "Great Elder, what is that huge idol on his head?" "Whatever it is, God will make everything in front of him dross." "Yes, look at how embarrassed Longfei is now. He can't carry it for long with seven orifices bleeding." …… It's not just Qiqiao bleeding. Every pore of Long Fei's whole body is splitting, tendons and veins, blood, internal organs, and even the heart protected by the heavenly king's immortal beads are beginning to disintegrate and crack. Ziyang Divine Skill has reached the limit of Longfei's body. Even Jingyuan, the burning of Shouyuan can not support it. This power is too strong! "Whoo-hoo.." Whoo-hoo.. Long Fei is like an ox, his body keeps trembling, looking at the eleven gods, Long Fei roars out, "All his mother comes!" "At me!" "Come on!" The voice fell. The eleven gods will move together. Hurry up! Very fast! Words can't describe it. The deadly scholar's eyes sank and he said, "Young Lord.." Don't wait for him to finish. Long Fei also suddenly disappeared,Automated warehouse systems, Long Fei's degree was faster than theirs, one step fell, the Buddha on the top of his head split down. Boom! The purple sun is shining brightly. Huge palm cover down.