You can't afford to be hurt by the actor who regenerates the cat.

There was a lot of applause, as if for the famous saint, not for a stranger. Bullseye! Bullseye! Hubert will always be Hubert! ——

The heart was beating, almost jumping out of the chest. He thought and thought, and finally gritted his teeth and stamped his feet, and chose to transform. Meow ~ Big blue eyes looked at the city of landing, with a little ingratiation. Lu Zhichengzi sighed in his heart, it seems that he is still too impatient, a cat star incarnation of a small turtle. But Lu Zhicheng has the self-confidence to own feeling, Xia Chen certainly also has the feeling to oneself, otherwise certainly will not appear just that shy appearance. I'll let you go for the time being today, but it won't be so easy to escape later. Lu Zhicheng hugged a meow and deliberately used a voice that both of them could hear clearly. Xia Chen's eyes turned, his eyes were uncertain, and he did not know what he was thinking. The recent male God is very strange, but he doesn't know exactly what is very strange. The most important point is that Lu Zhicheng seems to like to kiss himself recently, whether it is the form of a cat or the posture of a talented person, as long as the male God adult interest comes, he will suddenly attack Xia Chen. Sometimes he would wonder if the city of Lu would also like himself. But this conjecture was only a flash, and he dared not think about it. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment, so he dared not have expectations. While Xia Chen was still in a daze, Lu Zhicheng had already walked into the house with the cat in his arms to answer the phone. Erhuang, someone is asking you to make a movie. Would you like to? Xia Chen wakes up from being stupefied: "Movie,Magnesium Sulphate producer, what kind of?" Although now his host has made a certain reputation, the fan value has also risen rapidly, but the number of 10 million is still very large. Now he is on the rise in his career, if he can seize the opportunity, it is only a matter of time for him to become a God. However, the entertainment circle is in deep water, and no one can predict what has not happened. But if I make a movie, Erhuang will leave my side again. "Lord God,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, you forget that I only have six hours to transform, and I can't play the leading role." Lu Zhicheng touched the head of a meow and said, "Yes, I'd better give you a rejection." As a result, Xia Chen, who was a walk-on specialist before his rebirth, became a male specialist after his rebirth. In fact, this is not a bad thing for Xia Chen, after all, the halo of supporting roles in movies and TV, but it is no less than the protagonist. There is a saying that the man is left to the woman, while the man is left to the audience. Chapter 73 Meow's Crisis. The east is white. In his sleep, Lu Zhicheng blinked and soon opened his eyes. The black pupil looked at the white ceiling blankly, bringing a trace of weirdness to Lu Zhicheng's handsome facial features. He had not had a nightmare for a long time, but suddenly woke up from his dream. In his dream, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Oxide powder, he was still the poor man who was betrayed by his lover and rejected by his family. Born again, he had everything he didn't have in his previous life, but he also lost the most basic trust between people. At the same time, he has become more appreciative of what he has now. As soon as I turned the corner of my eye, I saw a cat sleeping beside him with a peaceful face and even saliva flowing out, and the tense nerves suddenly eased down. He gently stretched out his right hand and touched Xia Chen's warm body, sentimentally attached to the fur that felt very good, until a meow's ears moved, he was reluctant to let go of his hand. Fortunately, it was just a dream, and his cat had not left him. People are greedy animals, after enjoying the warmth, they can no longer bear the cold of loneliness. Lu Zhicheng, who had finally settled down, left the big bed lightly and began to prepare breakfast. When the porridge was ready and the side dishes were served, Xia Chen slowly opened his eyes and was carried to the table by Lu Zhicheng. Are you kidding me? Why did Erhuang fall asleep again? Qin Yang, who got up early, took the opportunity to seize the breakfast made by the city of Lu and pointed to Xia Chen bitterly. Shh- "Lu Zhicheng a cold eyes swept past, Qin Yang left and closed his mouth. When Lu Zhicheng slowly fed the food into Xia Chen's mouth, he slowly said," Erhuang is very tired recently. If you can sleep a little more, you can sleep a little more. It's not that you don't know that it has a serious sense of getting up. When the time comes to anger Erhuang, I won't save you. ” Sure enough, as soon as I heard the three words of getting up, the smile on Qin Yang's face was no longer maintained. Having seen Erhuang's unreasonable behavior when he was angry, he obviously didn't dare to make any more noise. However, Erhuang was very busy recently. Why didn't he know? After dinner, Lu Zhicheng walked out of the house with Erhuang in his arms, and Qin Yang drove to the company later. Because now is the identity of the human debut, so Xia Chen in the very beginning even want to rent a house outside, after all, if he was in and out of the city of land villa photos were taken. The relationship between the two people is not clear. However, Lu Zhicheng firmly disagreed. The city of Lu, who has always been gentle, showed his strong side in this matter. He told Xia Chen that if he wanted to leave his side, he might as well quit the entertainment circle now. So Xia Chen had to compromise-after the persuasion of the male God's adult who was almost threatening. But fortunately, he can freely switch between people and cats, so every morning, Lu Zhicheng took the trouble to take Erhuang out of the villa, and then completed the transformation in the car. So after a long time, have been peaceful, slowly, Xia Chen can not help but let go of the psychological vigilance. However, today's Xia Chen once again repeated the same trick from a hidden place out of the time, but was a towel to cover the nose. Too late to send out a cry for help, his eyes dull looking at the shadow of the car of the male God not far away, slowly lost all his mind. Also do not know how long,Magnesium Sulphate price, a basin of cold water will Xia Chen from the coma to wake up. He slowly opened his eyes and was not surprised to find that his hands and feet were handcuffed. If he turned into a cat, such handcuffs would be meaningless to him, but the real danger was the man in front of him who was smoking constantly.