Six-Year-Old Snake Queen

There was a lot of applause, as if for the famous saint, not for a stranger. Bullseye! Bullseye! Hubert will always be Hubert! ——

Hiss- What's that sound? She just moved her body. Why is there a strange sound. It seems to be sent out by itself? The bad feeling just now came up again. She looked down and almost didn't faint. Oh, my God, who's gonna tell her what's going on? Why did she see the tail of a snake? Was that her body? He moved again in disbelief, and his tail moved with him. You must be dazzled. Leng Wanwan told herself that no matter how she moved, the tail also moved. She stretched out her hand, but it was her tail that came out. God, the snake in the woman's mouth was herself? What the hell is going on? Did God punish her for always skipping classes, so he deliberately played tricks on her? He raised the pointed head of the snake and looked around. Only then did I find myself in a strange place, surrounded by green trees, fragrant flowers, swallows and butterflies, and on the other side of the sea of flowers, there was an antique Jiangnan house. Is this the legendary crossing? But in the novel, she was dressed as a queen, a concubine, a young lady and so on,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, but she didn't see anyone dressed as a snake. My God, are you asking for a beating? How dare you turn this young lady into a snake? Leng Wanwan looked at the sky with a pair of long and narrow snake eyes and cursed fiercely in his heart. Clang- A thunder came from the sky and almost fell on Leng Wanwan. The snake's body slipped to the ground, and the thunder exploded on one side of the stone. Yaya, God must have heard her ventriloquism. Damn it, if you hear her words, why don't you get her back from this place? She doesn't want to be a snake. She wants to be a human being and be the original Leng Wanwan. Hissing — — When Leng Wanwan raised the head of the snake and talked silently with God,dap diammonium phosphate, there was a sound of crickets in the grass next to him. As soon as he twisted the head of the snake, he saw a large group of snakes crawling out from behind the grass. Leng Wanwan immediately got goose bumps and ran out. Niang, why are there so many snakes? Although she is now a snake, but her heart can be completely human, see a dark group of snakes, she is not afraid, just feel uncomfortable. That kind of slippery creature makes people tremble when they think about it. The snakes were obviously happy when they saw Leng Wanwan. A pair of long and narrow snake eyes suddenly lit up, as if a modern groupie had seen an idol. But she had just seen that she was only a little white snake now. Could she be their idol? Just when she was confused, she saw that the snakes had lowered their heads and called out: "Nine princesses." "Nine-year-old little demon queen" sister piece "six-year-old little snake queen" pro more support wow. Collect it Volume 1 Chapter 2 Nine Princesses of the Snake World "Nine princesses." Leng Wanwan is silly. Yeah, so this little white snake has a good identity. It's still nine princesses. Looking at the respectful appearance of the snakes in front of them, it seems that they are still very spoiled snakes. Nine princesses. That's great. The old slave is so happy that you are all right. The strong brown and yellow snake at the head of the group climbed to the front, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and a pair of slender snake eyes were filled with tears. In the tiny sunlight, it is as bright as crystal. Leng Wanwan is stupefied, who is this snake? Look, the tone should be the little white snake's Mammy or something, right? But it was strange that she could now read the snake's expression and understand the snake's language. Does this count as an incidental function of crossing into a snake? She rolled her eyes indecently, and it seemed that God was deliberately ignoring her. Now that I have worn it, I am not satisfied with the identity of the snake. But if you wear it, take it easy. What's more, the identity of the snake was so noble that she accepted it. Princess Ben is all right. Leng Wanwan raised his head slightly and said habitually and lightly. The whole body reveals the dignity and domineering but let a group of snakes startled, to know that the nine princesses have always been gentle and lovely. When will you show such domineering? "What are you waiting for?" As soon as Leng Wanwan looked at the silly appearance of the group of snakes, he was very angry. This young lady is more angry than you. She can sleep until she wears clothes, and she dresses like this. Empress, she wants to go on a rampage now. Princess and princess? The brown snake was even more surprised to hear the cold and impatient tone. "What's wrong with the princess?"? "What are you shouting about?"? Take the princess back to the palace. ” Leng Wanwan felt very hungry, but she didn't want to eat something like a mouse in the wilderness. She was afraid that she would be sick to death before she ate it. Princess Now all the people exclaimed incredulously, staring strangely at Leng Wanwan with a pair of snake eyes. As if she had been possessed by an alien creature, was it really their princess in front of her? Why does it feel completely different? Ho ho- Leng Wanwan was almost angry to death by these stupid snakes. What she said was snake language. How could these guys not understand her? Is the intelligence quotient of the snake very low? Or is their IQ frozen because their blood is cold? "Princess, please don't get angry. The old slave will send you back to the palace now." Brown yellow saw the anger of Leng Wanwan, although there were thousands of puzzles about her change in his heart. But carefully identify that this is indeed the most favored nine princesses in their snake world, yes, it is better to bring the princess back to the palace first. Ask the snake king and the snake queen to have a look and find out the reason why the princess suddenly changed her temper. Don't go yet. Although it's actually crawling. Yes Brown and yellow, shaking the head of the snake, an old man about 56 years old appeared in front of Leng Wanwan. She was dressed in a brown and yellow skirt, and her face was quite kind. As she turned into a human body, the snake behind her shook left and right, and soon a dark crowd of people appeared, including old people, middle-aged people, young boys and girls, and dolls of a few years old. Leng Wanwan looked at the scene in front of him and was speechless. The goblin was really fierce. But then, she can turn back into a human being? Tilted his head, with the idea of a flash, after the white smoke curl, she looked down, wow, really changed. It was still a doll carved in powder and jade, probably only five or six years old. Go back to the palace. Xiao Ying raised her lips and said to the group of snakes. If you wear it,Magnesium Oxide MgO, take it easy. She might as well regard it as Alice's wonderful travel dream, and her first stop is the Snake Palace. Collect it. Collection. Leave your footprints. Volume 1 Chapter 3 Snake King and Snake Queen "Princess, back to the palace." 。