My fiance is Xiuzhen Big Brother End + Side Story

There was a lot of applause, as if for the famous saint, not for a stranger. Bullseye! Bullseye! Hubert will always be Hubert! ——

However, when he saw Wen Yu feeding the white flowers in his hands to a small monk, he rubbed his eyes in shock, although for a monk, it would not happen at all. Le Guan laughed at him, "You even guessed who Wen Yu's fiancee was wrong." "It's impossible." Xu Jingming muttered to himself, this is the first-hand information he got from his cousin, but it is wrong? Only then did he finally understand why Wen Yu did not appear when the team of Zixiao Zong freshmen were in danger, and that it had nothing to do with exercising his fiancee's actual combat ability, because Wen Yu was not there at all! He couldn't help but look at the disciple who stood with Wen Yu. His appearance was above average, but he was not top-notch among the freshmen, not to mention compared with Wen Yu's real appearance. Strength After eating yuansheng White Lotus, it reached seven layers of Qi refining, and it was estimated that there were only two or three layers. He had some impressions of Ji Yuze. He still remembered that this man was the only Gui class student among the freshmen who participated in the Secret Realm. He was a little surprised at that time. Since it was Gui class, it represented that the disciple's grades were not good. Xu Jingming instantly became interested in this person, no matter what aspect is not outstanding, but can become Wen Yu's fiancee. Look at Wen Yu's performance, but also very attentive to him, this person is not simple ah. Ji Yuze has completely become a rice worm since he came to the lake. As long as he stays in the circle drawn by Wen Yu, he can guarantee his safety. When he has nothing to do, he can also play with all kinds of small things that Wen Yu gave him. Wen Yu bought all the first-class pills, and all the impurities were removed. There was no erysipelas. He simply ate these fruity pills as snacks. He complained in his heart that if the whole process of fighting for fate and Tirian was made into a film, the director would certainly attack the street. The first few minutes are all the same scenery, until the last ten minutes to start the plot, and the picture has been fast-forwarded 10 times. Ji Yuze from Wen Yu left his side began to keep up with the rhythm, can only see Wen Yu got the fate of flowers, Wen Yu defeated a bunch of people,Magnesium Sulphate producer, his side surrounded by people, Wen Yu came back with flowers, over. When Wen Yu came to him and stuffed the petals of the white lotus into his mouth, he had not yet realized that the matter was over. The petals melted in the mouth, melted into a pool of sticky aura on the tip of the tongue, slid down the esophagus, and soon felt the whole body warm, like soaking in a steaming hot spring. However, this Reiki is not overbearing, but moistens things silently. Unconsciously, the meridians and Dantian are expanded, and there are more and more Reiki in the body. When he was dizzy and recovered from the rich aura, he suddenly found that he had reached the seven layers of refining Qi! But Wen Yu's expression seemed to be discontented. He comforted him by saying, Magnesium Oxide powder ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, "The drug effect of yuansheng and Tilian is mild. Your body can only bear so much now. The remaining drug effect still remains in the Dantian. It will be stimulated with the improvement of the realm in the future." Ji Yuze hurriedly shook his head, he did not think that he could jump to the present repair, like a dream. How many senior brothers and sisters in the outer courtyard could not reach this level, but he just ate a flower and surpassed them. No wonder there are so many people to fight for the fate of life and tilian, this effect is too strong. He dizzy to Wen Yu fed him all the petals to eat, only to find that at this time two people's posture is really ambiguous, he can not help but face a hot, removed the line of sight. Seeing the figures around him, he remembered that he was surrounded by a lot of people at this time. Also not afraid of Wen Yu, busy back two steps, avoid Wen Yu put in his mouth fingertips. Wen Yu is not angry, he found the blush on Ji Yuze's face, only thought that his fiancee was shy, slightly proud to withdraw his hand. Looking at this scene, Xu Jingming and Le Guaner were so shocked that their eyes almost fell out. They never thought that Wen Yu could have such a gentle side. Their line of sight is too obvious, all of a sudden was discovered by Ji Yuze, he followed the eyes to see, the secret way is bad, this is not the other two leaders on the cloud boat? Look at their appearance, will not think that Wen Yu used public office for personal gain, and so on after going out to Wen Yu on a complaint? He bitterly, has long told Wen Yu not to be too obvious outside, how to be caught, right? Is perturbed, another voice of doubt sounded, "Ji Yuze?" Ji Yuze looked at the place where he made a sound, and suddenly his eyes darkened. How could he forget that there were still people in the outer courtyard of Zixiao Zong in this secret place! The Author Has Something to Say: Liquor Day 4: I Really don't Have a Drop [Dementia] Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine: Sui Ye 1; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution: 10 bottles of Qin Junqiu; Thank you for your support, Mada ~ Chapter 53 [Wan Geng] The person who made a sound was Ju Hanmo, who was not familiar with Ji Yuze, but was impressed by this Gui class student. Their team was lucky, although they didn't get together at the very beginning, and then they lost two people by mistake, but the rest of them met the senior team of Zixiao Zong on the way. Although there is competition between the same school, but the gap is too big, there is no place to compete, the other side whether strength or number of people are easy to crush them, what else can they do besides obediently? And these brothers and sisters are still kind, when eating meat did not block these freshmen to drink soup, the most important thing is that their safety has been guaranteed. After so many things in the secret world, some ambitious freshmen finally put themselves back into reality. They finally understand one thing, as long as they can not be eliminated in the secret world, they always have a chance to find the spirit. The elixir of yuansheng and Tilian is very high in level. These freshmen who have just started have no access to this level of treasure. Few of these freshmen know about it, but Ju Hanmo is not in this range. When he heard the brothers and sisters mention the word, his mind moved,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, he looked up and glanced around, and found that although Chu Rong still had the same cold face as usual, his eyes flashed. He immediately knew in his mind that the first man in the outer court had also heard of this elixir.