The male God of the post-60s generation

In this moment, Li Qiye's eyebrows flashing light, Shenhua flow, into a whirlpool, heard a "hum" sound

In fact, Lin Zhou is worrying too much. In this age, the nicknames in many places are called according to the ranking. The duplicate rate of the name'Xiao San 'is greater than that of'Xiao Ming'. However, when they are older, they will call their names. Like Lin Zhou's family, the teenage eldest was called Lin Jun by his elders, while the second child, who was only seven or eight years old, could only be called by his nickname, Erhai. The nickname of the little girl lying beside Lin Zhou was also quite distinctive, Da Niu. The big girl looked at the small three to arch inside, although did not speak, but somehow the voice of sobbing was lower than before, do not listen carefully to hear it, also no longer asked him, after patting Lin Zhou's little stomach, then turned his back to him ready to fall asleep. Lin Zhou's knees against the wall, although trying to restrain their tears, but the heart is still very uncomfortable, while thinking about the parents of previous lives, while thinking about their college entrance examination results, simply can not settle down, he did not sleep a little late after the college entrance examination,cosmetic packaging wholesale, how to cross! Without waiting for Lin Zhou to calm down his thoughts, the sound of snoring came to mind one after another, and even the big girl beside him began to snore. Lin Zhou rolled his eyes in the dark, before the melancholy is reduced a lot, the earth is the biggest sleep, maybe he woke up and went back! The ideal is very plump, but the reality is very skeletal. Lin Zhou did not say that he woke up and put it back. He didn't sleep well. He was woken up two or three times all night. His brother was only four months old. He was woken up by his crying at night and had no place to argue. Xiao San, wake up,Amber Dropper Bottles, wake up, get up quickly! The big girl lifted the thin quilt on Lin Zhou's body, put his clothes beside the pillow, and watched him begin to dress in a daze before going out of the door. Lin Zhou, who wanted to sleep for a day, stopped moving his hands and lay down to sleep. According to his experience yesterday, he was only five or six years old. Even if he got up, he couldn't help. It was still early for breakfast. Big girl didn't know that her third brother was lying down to sleep again. It was said that the children of the poor were in charge early. Her family was relatively rich in the village. But these days, everyone is poor. A little better can barely feed and clothe themselves. There are also some bad family members who don't have enough to eat. The eldest brother has been able to go to the fields to help work. He can get five work points every day. Don't underestimate these five work points. You know, an adult man can only get 10 work points a day, and a woman can only get 6 work points a day. Although the second brother is only seven or eight years old, he can't do the work in the field, but he has to take a basket to mow the cattle in the production team at home, and then calculate the work points according to the weight. Big girl naturally can not be idle, inside and outside the housework, but she can do everything, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, including taking care of the five-year-old third brother and the four-month-old fourth brother, the family in addition to these two little guys, there is no idle person. When Lin Zhou was forced to get up from the bed by the big girl, what he saw was the five or six clothes hanging up in the yard, as well as the yard that had been swept clean. Look at the big girl's height of less than 1.5 meters, and then look at the work she had done since she got up. Lin Zhou was very upset. The little girl worked so hard, but he was sleeping. Lin Zhou did not think that his body is only five or six years old now, but also when he is eighteen years old senior three dog, rushed to the big girl's side, thinking of helping others to do something. Big girl didn't know that her third brother had saved the idea of helping her, but it was a little strange that the third brother didn't speak these two days. Although he was quieter than other children and didn't like to talk very much, he didn't say a word like these two days. He squatted down and asked him, "Xiao San, what's wrong with you? Why don't you speak?" Lin Zhou: Little sister, I can understand 80% of the dialect you speak. I can't speak it at all. If I speak Mandarin as soon as I open my mouth, I will be bewitched! Lin Zhou shook his head decisively, a look that did not want to open his mouth, the big girl also thought that he was just making trouble, did not think elsewhere, took his hand and took him to the house of his parents. "Sister went to the canteen to grab breakfast, you obediently watch the fourth brother here, he is asleep now, don't touch her, he woke up you coax him, don't take away the quilt beside the bed, or he fell down, waiting for Dad to come back and beat you!"! Do you know? Lin Zhou nodded hurriedly, indicating that he understood. Chapter 2 After the big girl told Lin Zhou, she hurried to the canteen with two food bowls at home. If she went late, the corn porridge might be divided up, and even the sweet potatoes would be pitifully small. Dayun Village, where the Lin family is located, is the highest place in Yuhe County. It is backed by mountains. In the era without running water, people in the village rely on three wells at the head of the village for drinking water. It is not convenient for people to drink water, and the crops in the fields are not watered. They are purely dependent on the weather for food. Most of the crops are sweet potatoes and sorghum, which are more drought-resistant. So the most common thing in the canteen of Dayun Village is steamed sweet potatoes, which can be eaten as dry food, almost all the year round. When Lin Zhou saw that the big girl had gone, he sat down on a small bench and looked at the sleeping baby on the bed without blinking. As an only child, Lin Zhou seldom had the chance to see such a small baby. But in the information age, there are so many crazy dolls, and he has seen many pictures. But all he had ever seen were white, fat, and clean little dolls. This one on the bed was not like this. He was dressed in dusty little clothes, not to mention that his face was not very clean. The point was that the little doll looked very thin, and he could not even find a meat nest on his unclean little hands. Lin Zhou subconsciously stretched out his hand again to have a look, and this age was really as difficult as the legend. With a heavy sigh, Lin Zhou began to think seriously about how to live here if he could never go back. He didn't know how many years it was now, but the villagers had to go to the canteen to get food. I think it should be in the 1950s or 1960s. I hope it was in the 1960s. He knew about the three years of natural disasters in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was said that many people starved to death at that time. The most urgent thing is to speak, he can not always speak,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, can only secretly practice the dialect here, but this body is still young, the accent is not very accurate and will not attract attention.