Flowers bloom and can be broken.

In this moment, Li Qiye's eyebrows flashing light, Shenhua flow, into a whirlpool, heard a "hum" sound

To Lu Diaowei this boy had a good impression, this words said to him, of course, is to comfort Wenwen. At this time, I was in a very relaxed mood and did not think about what would happen next. He thought jokingly that there were three people behind him, and the number of people did not fall behind. Don't want to mess with these guys: "Come on." Four people were obviously enraged by my disdain, Hanako was the most angry, also did not call his companions to help, the scene words are too late to explain, hand is a punch over. It seems that he is a master who often fights, and he wants to seal my eyes. Gently lowered his head and did not fight back to see how much weight he had. After a few rounds, Hanako didn't even touch my clothes. He shouted back, and the other three rushed up together. Wenwen and Xiaoshi exclaimed, looking back at Lu Shaowei as if he was about to come up to help. Yes, really a hot-blooded youth: "Wenwen, tell them to stand far away." By this time, four men had surrounded me in the middle, using both fists and feet. They were all students. I didn't want to be ruthless. I only used three points of strength to fight with my strength. In a short time, all four guys were put down on the ground. A few boys are used to it, and their brains are probably a little underdeveloped. I didn't think about it, but I didn't understand what was going on. I was not convinced, so I climbed up and rushed up again. Feng Dacheng, in particular,L Methylfolate Factory, pulled a knife out of his pocket and stabbed me in the back. Anger was hooked up, is really born to clean up, so many people watching, not good performance is too eye-catching. Can not help the hands quietly added two points of strength, people in the distance do not know if they have seen what happened, has been wailing everywhere. Ah, Feng Dacheng's guy is the most ruthless. He plays dirty with a knife. Of course, he can't be lenient. He conveniently removed his right shoulder joint,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, and one arm has been unable to move. He gritted his teeth and groaned in his stomach, and the gushing sweat showed that he was about to collapse. The image of the boy surnamed Yue is the most miserable, with blood flowing from his nose, and some of the "confinement" is not done properly. Xue and Hua moved slowly and were the least injured, but their dusty faces were unavoidable. This is good, the ground is full of "wind, flowers, snow and moon". Unexpectedly, I really can't imagine that on my first day in Huazhou, I "created" such a "thousand-year romance" on the campus of Huachen University. Wenwen clapped her hands and stamped her feet in front of me: "Brother, you are really good." I gently patted Bai, holding Xiaowen's hand, and gestured with one foot in front of Feng Dacheng's injured arm: "Get up, what other tricks can be used together?" How could four people have the strength to fight again? No one dared to answer a word. "Snowflake" dawdled for a long time, first climbed up dejectedly, looked at me timidly, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,D BHB Factory, and then helped "Fengyue" up. Several people looked at me in the eyes of unwilling, more fear, no, should be called fear. But no one dared to step forward again, especially Feng Dacheng, who shrank back forcefully, leaving only a groan. Straighten your collar and brush your still-clean shirt. "Mandy, let's go." Xiaowen took my arm and raised her head proudly. Xiao Shi spat on the ground, but Lu Shaowei did not say a word and followed her to leave. Walk out a few steps, a little thought, let go of Wenwen's little hand, return to the original place. He took out his wallet from his pocket, pulled out three hundred-dollar bills, and threw them on the ground in front of them: "Oh, take them!"! This is for you to see a doctor! Don't let me see you again, or I'll fight every time I see you. Then, without looking at them, he turned and left. Nothing was heard behind him but a groan of pain. I can not help but feel a little disappointed, according to the rules of Jianghu, should these people explain a few words about the scene? Chapter 43 the first appearance of the enemy "Brother Cheng, these guys deserve to be beaten. Why give them money?" Wenwen beeped her little mouth and was a little unhappy. Yes, these people are the worst. Xiao Shi is also on one side to help. 'Wind, Flowers, Snow and Moon 'bullied many classmates at school. Some of them were injured and dared not speak out. They should not be given money. Lu Shaowei finally opened his mouth. Ha ha, "I laughed," also beat these boys enough to choke, this Qian Fengdacheng to see a doctor is not necessarily enough. "Serves you right," the two girls said in unison. Looked back at Xiaowen: "I have nothing to fear, mainly do not want to give you trouble in the future.". Although they asked for it, it's a lesson. But if you come with me, what if you leave and then come to you for advice? "Although a few guys are bad, they are students in school after all." Lu Shaowei was somewhat unconvinced: "They didn't dare to do anything to me. Wenwen snorted, "I'm not afraid." "Oh, they are not hopeless, to give people a chance to repent and turn over a new leaf, I hope that through this beating can understand that the fist is not everything.". Hey hey, I am also very impulsive, with a few children general knowledge. Laugh with some self-mockery. Encountered such an appearance, but out of a sulk. It's impulsive enough. If it wasn't too much before, I wouldn't have taken the initiative to hit people. It seems that as I grow up, my temper grows. Ha ha, is not some "bully" it? "What children? It seems how old you are. Some of them are older than you." Wenwen retorted. Heh. What he thought, he said it casually, and the little girl caught hold of it. These guys are so arrogant that they dare to compete openly in school. If it weren't for me, it would be a bit of trouble. I quickly changed the subject. 'Wind, Flowers, Snow and Moon 'is a local, someone in the family is an official, so he dares to be so crazy. Lu Shaowei is quite familiar with their situation. Xiao Shi suddenly said, "Lu Shaowei.". Isn't your home also local? Your father seems to be an official,Thyroid Powder Factory, too. "Really, your father is also an official?" Xiaowen asked curiously. Lu Shaowei blushed: "My father is not an official. Don't confuse me with people like them." This kid is interesting. All right, let's stop talking. Let's go to drink something. Shaowei and Xiaoshi have been with us for a long time. You are here. I'm a lot bolder. Show encouragement for their behavior.