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In this moment, Li Qiye's eyebrows flashing light, Shenhua flow, into a whirlpool, heard a "hum" sound

Huang Beiyue stared at him in a daze. Suddenly she turned her head and asked, "Why did you change this place like this?" "Why not?" Yun Li asked coldly. Huang Beiyue was at a loss for words. She just saw the scene in front of her and suddenly remembered the two small wooden houses she had built with her own hands. She cut down trees from the woods one by one, dragged them back, and built the house all by herself. But now it was all gone, as if to remind her that the past was gone forever. Even if there is fire in the heart, also can not send out, such a mood only she will understand, other people will not understand! He lowered his head sullenly and followed Yun Li to the palace. There are already many guests in the palace. To tell you the truth, Huang Beiyue was taken aback when she saw the guests present. She thought the wedding was just a ceremony and she could marry him. Unexpectedly, he was But invited the guests. There were not many guests present, but many of them were familiar faces to her. Kui and Tiankui and others naturally need not say much, see Song Mi appear, she just felt startled, eyes some dangerous squint up. The cover of the pearl on the corolla, plus Yun Li can shield the vitality of her body, that face hidden in the bright light of the pearl, can not see clearly, Song Mi should not recognize her, just politely nodded and smiled. Gentle and handsome, Xiaoyao Wang's charm has not changed from beginning to end. Huang Zhanye, the king of mercenary soldiers, came to congratulate him with Shangguan Wuyun, the leader of the Flame-devouring mercenary regiment,Kava Root Extract, and Luo Chun, the leader of the mercenary regiment of the four seas. With the voice of the ceremony officer, a group of people outside the door came in, led by the war field, behind Shangguan Wuyun and Luo Chun are a face of frost, apparently invited to attend the wedding, not what they want. At the beginning, Red Candle handed over the order of the mercenary king to Zhanye, and he commanded the mercenary soldiers all over the world. It seems that he has achieved initial results. Huang Beiyue felt a little comforted,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, took a look at them, then looked away and dared not look more, for fear of being recognized. To do everything for the South Wing, she did not want to be a burden on the field, which she was willing to do. Next, the Bugil family arrived, but instead of Lolo, the Seth patriarch came in person. Meng Qitian, the emperor of the Hall of Glory, came to congratulate him! Hearing this announcement, all the guests were in an uproar and looked at the door of the hall one after another, only to see the elegant Meng Qitian come in with a smile, followed by Mo Lian and Chiyo Donger. Today's Chiyo Donger is already a red lotus in the Hall of Glory, so standing beside the ink lotus in a red dress, she looks particularly charming and lovely. Chapter 1545: Wedding [12]. Chapter 1545: Wedding [12]. Probably everyone knew that the last emperor of the Hall of Glory, Song Mi, Theobromine Powder ,Glucono Delta Lactone, was also there, so when he saw the appearance of Meng Qitian, the whole hall suddenly quieted down. Those eyes, which are not clear, are circulating on Song Mi and Meng Qitian, ignoring today's bride and groom for a while. Yun Li stood aside with a negative hand and seemed very satisfied with the result. What on earth do you want? Huang Beiyue asked in a low voice, with a slight hint of cruelty in her voice. All you have to do is watch the play. Yun Li said lightly. Huang Beiyue suddenly grabbed his arm and said in a low voice, "Yun Li, don't go too far!" "Oh.." Yun Li smiled coldly and said, "If I told you that I had invited King Shura to come, would you think it would be more excessive?" She felt dizzy in her mind. Her face was a little pale behind the pearl. She clenched her red lips. She said in a low voice, "Do you want to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight?"? It's not that easy! "I have the trump card in my hand and I can do whatever I want." Yun Li glanced lightly, and his eyes took a meaningful look at Tiankui, who was standing not far from them. Tiankui was born in the shade, always a sad look, like a girl who was bullied to grow up, standing in the corner of the sense of existence is very weak, almost no one will notice her. Only those who know her will know how terrible this woman, who looks sad, is! Knowing that Yun Li suppressed her with Tiankui, Huang Beiyue only snorted coldly and kept silent. However, her body was still trembling with anger. Yun Li, you go too far! Aware of her anger, Yun Li actually laughed happily, "Huang Beiyue, there has been a legend of beauty since ancient times, without a single soldier, as long as a woman, can overthrow the world, do you believe it?" Huang Beiyue took a deep breath and looked at him closely. "I don't care what you want to do!"! If the agreement between you and me is not fulfilled, even if the world is really overturned today, I will take you with me! The eye light of that cold hum, let Yun Li slightly for a while, then he smiled slightly: "I never break my promise." "That's the best!" Huang Beiyue folded his hands, turned to one side, and personally examined the pearls in front of his forehead to make sure that they could really cover their faces completely. After the examination, she raised her head and looked at the nearly white-hot situation in the hall. Song Mi, the king of Xiaoyao, sat leisurely in the guest seats, turning a blind eye to Meng Qitian and others. From the first sight of him, the smile on Meng Qitian's face became somewhat subtle. When it comes to momentum, Meng Qitian is really not as calm as Song Mi, who is really a natural autumn water. However, when it comes to hypocrisy and scheming, probably no one can compare with such a wise man as Meng Qitian? When he saw Song Mi, he was also surprised. Obviously, he did not expect to meet in such a place. In full view of the public, the two generations of sages in the Hall of Glory met again, which was somewhat thought-provoking. However, Meng Qitian soon regained the same smile as the spring breeze on his face and naturally walked down the steps to Song Mi. His actions made everyone cast their eyes on him. Although only with two people, but just Mo Lian a solemn momentum,S Adenosyl Methionine, it is enough to frighten many people! Passing by Yun Li and Huang Beiyue, Meng Qitian stopped and exchanged greetings. Although his eyes stayed on Huang Beiyue for a moment, he did not see anything. Chapter 1546: Wedding [13]. Chapter 1546: Wedding [13].