Radio Transmitter Market, Business Opportunities, Latest Innovations, Top Players and Forecast by 2030

The current data on the market position of the radio transmitter market by Market Research Future reveals that a growth rate of 8.82% has been recorded for future expansion, which could be noted, post the pandemic.

Market Insight

The surge in the sale of Smartphones, particularly in the lockdown period due to novel coronavirus pandemic around the world, has affected the radio transmitter market 2020 imperatively. The current data on the market position of the radio transmitter market by Market Research Future reveals that a growth rate of 8.82% has been recorded for future expansion, which could be noted, post the pandemic. Many factors are being scored behind the growth of the market, which has been discussed below. The forecasted period of the market’s growth is calculated for the years 2018–2023, and during which it will gain USD 1.12 billion from USD 740 million that was in 2017.

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Notable Developments

A radio transmitter is an electromagnetic wave frequency, and it ranges from 3 kHz to 300 GHz. Chiefly, these frequencies help in communications and radar signals. The necessary components obligatory for appropriate functioning by any communication device are components. The core components used in radio transmitter for front communications are primarily receivers or transmitters, antenna switches, duplexers, filters, power amplifiers, and demodulators in consumer electronics products. As a result of these developments in the universal mobile telecommunication network (3G and 4G), the semiconductor industry has observed a high demand for tuners and switches to provide specific functionality to other radio frequency devices like power amplifiers, demodulators, and others.

As per reports, the factors such as rise in Smartphones, digitization of radio stations, and technological advancement in FM radio transmitters are the prime drivers for the market. Apart from this, several other factors are expected to boost the growth of radio transmitter market. The defence sector is one of the leading traction-providers for the factor of smooth communication which is used for utmost importance in maintaining security. At the same time, the mounting number of Smartphone users is spurring market expansion. Other factors likely to boost up the radio transmitter market growth for the future timeframe are deep space probe and high technological integration.

In the case of point, back in December 2019, Diwata 2’s Amateur Radio Unit (ARU) displayed functions of Space Technology and Applications Mastery through Innovation and Advancement (STAMINA4Space) Program to certify its productive output during disasters. This targeted mostly amateur radio communications and disaster/emergency response. The airborne receiver/ transmitter device had 600km radius work area coverage and was developed in the Philippines.

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Leading Segments

Radio transmitter market is further studied over segmentation that included technology, power capacity, application, and end-user.

In terms of the technology segment, the market has included analogue and digital.

In terms of power capacity segment, the market has included up to 5 kW, 5-20 kW, and above 20 kW.

In terms of type segment, the market has included mediumwave transmitter, shortwave radio transmitter, and VHF radio transmitter.

In terms of end-user segment, the market has included automotive, aerospace defence, electronic, and others.

Leading Regions

North America has the top market leadership, and it is likely to produce further throughout the assessment period. The region is flourishing on sustainable and well-established economies. One of the most pushing aspects for the market is the escalating investment in the digitization of radio stations. The robust technology also aids multinational in operating from the region.

Asia-Pacific is rough and ready to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period owing to mount in the number of Smartphone users that consequently boost the demand for radio transmitters.

Top Players

The outstanding players in the radio transmitter market are Nautel Ltd. (Canada), Broadcast Electronics (US), Continental Electronics (US), RIZ-Transmitters Co. (Croatia), Beijing BBEF Science Technology Co., Ltd. (China), NEC Corporation (Japan), Rohde Schwarz GmbH Co KG (Germany), Thomson Broadcast (France), Hitachi Kokusai Electronic Inc. (Japan), Harris Corporation (US), and Comsa Corporación (Spain).

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