Cheating In Marriage: Is It Ever Okay?

If the husband fell out of love with borscht and began to overwhelm him with compliments and gifts, you have a rival.

In numerous anecdotes from the series: "Somehow the husband returns from a business trip ..." adultery always looks like a funny incident. For some reason, those who find themselves in a love triangle in real life are not at all funny, and, as a rule, to all participants in the events.

We don’t know how inquisitive American sexologists managed to obtain such data, but they take it upon themselves to assert that 76% of husbands and almost 40% of wives have sexual relationships on the side lasting from 3-4 weeks to infinity.

To understand that you are being cheated, it is not at all necessary to focus only on direct "material evidence" like a mistress found at an unkind hour in a marital bed. There is a whole complex of signs indicating that a spouse has a passion on the side.


One of the classic signs of infidelity is the suddenly revealed excessive labor zeal of the half: delays at work, frequent business trips, production meetings on weekends and holidays. Attention: the spouse (s) can really have time pressure. True, any emergency does not last long. But do not rush to arrange a "debriefing". Ask unobtrusively: if the husband / wife has so much work, then why not take it home? Promise to create the most favorable conditions for this at home. Ask why, if the faithful (s) do not have enough money or are overwhelmed with work, do not look for another place? If your spouse is cheating on you, then even the most innocent questions will cause irritation, and he (a) will try to quickly change the subject.


The next, more unequivocal sign is the emergence of secrets. You should be alerted by the appearance of passwords in the computer or mobile phone of the second half. It is not a good sign if, when you appear, the husband / wife quickly turns off some Internet windows or “crumples” the telephone conversation, wanting to quickly say goodbye to the interlocutor. It's bad if, while talking on the phone, the spouse (a) goes into another room, and even worse - into the bathroom and turns on the water to drown out all the words. Another sign: if the spouse (s) receive sms at any time of the day.

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